Justin Roiland Accusation

Justin Roiland Accusation has been trending on social media as the animator was accused of domestic assault and false imprisonment.

Mark Justin Roiland is an animator, voice Actor, writer, producer, and director from the United States.

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He co-created Adult Swim’s animated comedy Rick and Morty, in which he voiced the protagonist’s Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith until the network dropped him in 2023.

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He started his animation career as a writer and voice Actor for the Cartoon Network shows Fish Hooks and Adventure Time.

Rick and Morty, which aired on Adult Swim in December 2013, was created in 2012 by him and Community creator Dan Harmon.

The program soon garnered a cult following and has become one of television’s most successful and highly praised animated series.

Justin Roiland Accusation: Rick And Morty Voice Actor Arrested & Charged With Domestic Violence

A criminal complaint stated that Roiland was charged with domestic violence and making false statements imprisonment in May 2020 following an altercation with a lady he was dating.

Justin Roiland, the Actor and co-creator of “Rick and Morty,” has been charged with felony domestic violence in Orange County, California, in connection with an incident in 2020.

Justin Roiland Accusation
‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland (source: People)

The Orange County District Attorney submitted a criminal complaint in May 2020 and showed up in court on Thursday for a pre-trial hearing.

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In 2020, Roiland pled not guilty. One of Roiland’s attorneys stated that his client is innocent and expects the case to be dropped.

“We look forward to clearing Justin’s name and assisting him in moving on as soon as possible,” stated attorney T. Edward Welbourn.

N.B.C. News acquired the criminal complaint in the case. It accuses Roiland, 42, of one felony offense of domestic abuse with bodily harm and one felony count of wrongful detention by threat, violence, fraud, and deception.

Justin Roiland Relationship Status

According to several interviews, Justin Roland is not married and is now single. He began his relationship with Abi Lyn Maley in 2013. They are said to have already split up.

Justin Roiland Accusation
Justin Roiland And Abi Lyn Maley (source: Ghbase)

Roiland was born and reared in the California town of Manteca. He attended Sierra High School until the first quarter of his senior year, after which he went to Manteca High School for the rest of his senior year, graduating in 1998.  

Following high school, he enrolled in Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California. Roiland suffers from dyslexia. 

He was born in Stockton, California. Rebecca and Mark are his parents’ names. Amy Roiland, his younger sister, is a fashion designer. He was raised in Manteca, California. Where he grew up, there was an almond grove. 

Overall, Justin Roiland is a gifted animator, voice Actor, writer, and producer who has enormously contributed to animated television by co-creating the popular and highly acclaimed sitcom Rick and Morty.

Justin Roiland TV And Flim Carrer Explored

He began his career with ‘Channel 101’. He is presently working as a Voice Actor. He also provided his voice for the animated films Underdogs, ‘Tenacious D: Time Fixers,’ Smallfoot, and Krampus.

In ‘Rick and Morty,’ he provided the voices for the characters ‘Rick Sanchez’ and ‘Morty Smith,’ both of which were lead parts. This animated science fiction is also co-written and co-created by him.

He co-produced the album with Dan Harmon. In the animated T.V. series ‘Fish Hooks,’ he voiced the character Oscar. He directed, produced, and voiced in several television shows. He enjoys cartoons and creates video games.

Jablinski Games, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Hot Streets, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 are among his other works.

In January 2021, Roiland launched his first NFT art collection, “The Best I Could Do,” including over a dozen paintings.

His Simpsons tribute, The Smintons, which sold for $290,100, was his best-selling item. The collection was sold for $1.65 million.

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