Justin Stamper Illness

People want to know about Justin Stamper Illness and health details. The exciting thing about Justin Stamper is that real estate has always been his business.

He has never had a free moment in his adult life since he has always been too busy flipping houses and running his real estate business.

He started when he was only 19 and has improved steadily since then. Along with his gorgeous business partner Ashlee Casserly, he is one of the stars of A&E’s “Zombie House Flipping,” The two have built a sizable real estate empire in Florida.

He is motivated to continue working hard until he reaches his career’s apex because he is proud of what he has accomplished over the years.

Here is all your information about Justin Stamper Illness and health details. 

Justin Stamper Illness And Health Update

Justin Stamper illness and health update details. Before 2021, none of Justin Stamper’s medical records were made available to the general public.

At his finest, he enjoyed fine whiskey, craft beer, cooking for his loved ones, chit-chatting with random people, and loud music.

He purchased his first home to flip when he was just 19 years old. He could take it, make some repairs, and then sell it for a profit because it was his family’s foreclosure.

He might have known in advance that he would do this for a living, but he might not have known what this would develop into. In any case, it was adequate for him.

He decided to achieve huge things after flipping and selling his family’s home, which was his first property.

Justin Stamper Illness
Justin Stamper Illness and health details. (Source: Bungalower)

He would select auction houses to flip while standing on the steps of the neighborhood courthouse. Playing this game is entertaining and even risky.

The houses are not accessible to you personally. You have no idea what you’re entering into or what kind of shape a house might have been in before you became its owner.

He has taken it upon himself to do even greater things now that he is a little older and a little more acquainted with his own life.

He now has a business. Along with his business partner, he operates his own Company. The Blueprint Real Estate Group is their property. He has spent his entire life in Orlando, Florida, where they are situated.

Who is Ashlee Casserly Husband?

American citizen Justin Stamper was born on May 18, 1989, in Orlando, Florida, making his age 33 as of 2022. Johnny and Leeanne Stamper are his parents.

He is of white ethnicity and has American citizenship. His Father is a prosperous businessman who runs Johnny’s Taphouse Grill, a restaurant on Tarpon Avenue in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

After high school, Justin decided against attending college to support his family. He used to spend the day bidding on homes and the night cooking at a Disney steakhouse.

Career Justin is a well-known television personality and real estate investor. He has more than ten years of experience in the real estate industry.

He flipped his family’s repossessed property when he was 19, launching his real estate career.

Justin Stamper Illness
Justin Stamper wife Ashlee Casserly. (Source: Daily Mail)

Subsequently, he started purchasing homes at courthouse steps auctions and rose through the ranks to become a full-time House flipper in Central Florida, where he is now employed.

He then registered his first job as an investor with JGS Capital LLC in January 2008. In 2012, the well-known television personality started working with Invest Home Direct and launched his business, Dog Home Buyers, LLC.

The American real estate investor gained notoriety after he and his wife, Ashlee Casserly, were chosen to appear on the reality series Zombie House. The program has aired four seasons since its debut on AETV in 2016.

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