Kalani Faagata Weight Loss

People want to know about Kalani Faagata weight loss details. Fans are motivated by the weight loss journey of 90 Day Fiancé celebrity Kalani. 

Fans are motivated by weight loss journey of 90 Day Fiancé celebrity Kalani. They adore the assurance she emits on Instagram after her breakup with Asuelu. Kalani Faagata beaming while sporting a yellow outfit. 

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A favorite of 90 Day Fiancé viewers Fans may follow Kalani Faagata’s weight loss journey on Instagram, where they can see how far she has come. 

90 Day In season 6, Kalani and her spouse Asuelu Pulaa were first introduced to viewers by Fiancé. 

While on vacation in Samoa, where Asuelu was the director of the resort’s activities, Kalani got to know him.  Be with us till the end to know about Kalani Faagata Weight Loss Journey.

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90 Day The Last Resort Kalani Faagata Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo

A favorite of 90 Day Fiancé viewers Fans may follow Kalani Faagata’s weight loss journey on Instagram, where they can see how far she has come. 

Kalani Faagata weight loss journey has been remarkable and inspiring for people. 

John Travolta has often been in the news for his weight loss. Being an actor, sometimes movie roles demand a specific body figure.

Kalani Faagata Weight Loss
Kalani Faagata weight loss has been an inspiring journey, but she still has a long way to go. (Source: YouTube)

She has put much effort into weight loss and seemed very changed. She has been losing weight very dedicatedly.

Because of various comments and health-related concerns, she got motivated to work out and look after her physical fitness.

Kalani Splitted With Her Boyfriend Asuelu

Since her breakup with Asuelu Pulaa, former 90-Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata has found new love with a new boyfriend. 

When Asuelu immigrated to the United States on a K-1 visa from Samoa in 90 Day Fiancé season 6, Kalani is most known for that episode. 

After giving birth to their first child, a boy, Kalani, shortly married Asuelu and had a second son. 

However, Asuelu’s negligent actions as a husband and father meant that Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship was never particularly strong. 

In season six of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Asuelu’s horrible vehicle accident brought him and Kalani back together when she thought about divorce. 

In the 90-Day Diaries, Kalani said she was afraid to leave the kids with Asuelu alone because she thought he was a dangerous father.

 Following the incident, Kalani’s enraged ex-boyfriend blocked her on Instagram, and Asuelu claimed to be single. Kalani hasn’t talked about Asuelu on social media since that time.

 While there were relationship rumors between Asuelu and Winter Everett of The Family Chantel, they were disproved. 

Even though Asuelu and Kalani are currently on 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort, many unresolved issues surround their fraying relationship. Kalani has disclosed a new boyfriend in the interim.

Who Is Kalani Faagata New Boyfriend?

Dallas Nuez is the man that Kalani Faagata is dating. The Sun claims that the unidentified man thought to be dating Kalani is a man named Dallas Nuez. 

According to the source, Kalani and Dallas “are ready to move in together,” and Dallas has “already been introduced to [Kalani’s] family.”

The native of California allegedly works for a private security firm. The 28-year-old’s further details are still largely unclear. 

Kalani Faagata Weight Loss
Kalani Faagata is happy with her new partner and kids. (Source: Instagram)

Asuelu returned to Samoa before settling in Las Vegas, while Kalani is presently in California. Even though their separation hasn’t been formally announced, Kalani has moved on. 

Back in California with her family, including her siblings and nephews, Kalani is glad to be there. But Kalani has made it clear that she wants a third child.

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