Kalen Deboer Parents

Explore why Kalen DeBoer parents are impressed with the Washington Huskies’ head coach. Learn about their positive experiences.

The head football coach for the Washington Huskies, Kalen DeBoer, is best known for his likable and personable nature.

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This trainer has a thriving coaching track record, having been a winner at every stop in his career.

His coaching philosophy emphasizes building solid relationships with both players and staff.

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Meet Kalen Deboer Parents: Mother Phylis Waterfall And Father

Kalen DeBoer is undoubtedly shaped by the values instilled by his parents, Phylis Waterfall (mother) and father, whose name is yet to be revealed.

The single mother used to work at the drugstore while raising his brother and sister.

While specific details about Phylis Waterfall’s life may not be extensively covered in the public domain, her influence on Kalen’s character is evident in his coaching philosophy and personal demeanor.

Successful individual ideals are frequently shaped by their mothers, who have probably benefited dramatically from Phylis’ support, inspiration, and encouragement.

Kalen Deboer Parents
His parents’ influence shapes Kalen DeBoer’s coaching values. (Image Source: AP News)

Although there may not be as much information about DeBoer’s father in the media, fathers are important mentors and role models.

It’s common for fathers to help teach morals and life lessons to their kids, so it stands to reason that Kalen’s father has been instrumental in helping him become a successful coach and leader.

The combined influence of Phylis and Kalen’s father has likely created a solid foundation for the coach’s journey. Parental support is instrumental in an individual’s development, particularly in a career as demanding as coaching.

Kalen Deboer Family: Wife Nicole 

Kalen DeBoer, the accomplished head coach of the University of Washington football team, finds unwavering support and companionship in his wife, Nicole DeBoer.

Their enduring marriage, spanning over two decades, reflects a strong bond beyond the football field.

Nicole DeBoer, born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is essential to Kalen’s life and coaching career. Raised by her parents, Terry and Lori Tendler, Nicole developed a love for basketball during her upbringing.

Kalen Deboer Parents
Kalen DeBoer and Nicole share a robust and enduring bond and love. (Image Source: Instagram)

Graduating from Augustana University in 2001 with a degree in fitness management, she was also a dedicated member of the university’s basketball team.

The love story between Kalen and Nicole began in the summer of 2000 when Kalen served as the offensive coordinator at the University of Sioux Falls.

Their instantaneous connection led to a heartfelt marriage ceremony on December 29, 2001, at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls.

Kalen Deboer Kids 

Kalen DeBoer, shares a loving and supportive family with his wife, Nicole DeBoer, and their two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Avery.

Avery, the younger of the two, is currently studying sixth grade and keenly interested in riding horses. Her passion for equestrian pursuits showcases her diverse interests beyond the academic realm.

As a father, Kalen takes pride in supporting Avery’s pursuits, finding joy in witnessing her enthusiasm for horseback riding.

Kalen said in one of her games, “When your kids are involved and you can support them, having the chance to do that, it’s a lot of fun.”

The elder daughter Alexis, has actively engaged in sports, particularly softball. She played softball at Bellevue High and, notably, followed her father’s footsteps by joining him at the University of Washington in November 2023.

Kalen Deboer Parents
Kalen DeBoer finds joy in supporting his daughters’ diverse interests. (Image Source: Twitter)

This decision demonstrates Alexis’s dedication to athletics and adds a unique familial dynamic to Kalen’s coaching journey.

Kalen expresses the joy and fulfillment he experiences when supporting his children in their respective interests, highlighting the excitement of being involved in their lives.

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