Kamil Labudda

Does Kamil Labudda have a wikipedia profile? The famous Polish YouTuber went viral online for his recent generous act.

Kamil Labudda, famous as Budda TV, is a popular Polish YouTuber whose channel has gained over 1.29 million subscribers. The channel named Budda TV was created on September 25, 2019.

Labudda has come a long way with his exciting content, and Buddha has gained a considerable fanbase. Furthermore, Budda’s fantastic video on YouTube gets millions of views.

Moreover, Budda often gets into the limelight for various reasons for his generous acts. He recently made headlines after organizing a refueling campaign at the WATKEM station in Ul. 

After that, many people lined up at the gas station, which even caused traffic for several hours. 

Kamil Labudda Wikipedia Explored

Kamil Labudda is a well-known YouTuber from Poland, gaining over 1.29 million subscribers on his Budda TV YouTube channel.

He showcases his lifestyle and automotive content on his YouTube channel.

Further, Budda emphasizes that he intends to create videos related only to his passion.

Besides creating videos and getting recognized as a YouTuber, Kamil is also a rapper.

In 2021, he collaborated with another rapper, Kizo, and released a song named Smell of Vanilla.

Kamil Labudda Wikipedia
Kamil Labudda looks terrific while posing with his supercar. ( Source: Instagram )

LaBudda can be found on various social media platforms, and as stated earlier, many people admire his charitable works. Moreover, he recently fueled up many cars for free.

Apart from that, Kamil’s name has been linked to another incident.

On July 1, 2023, a metal box with money and sweets was found in front of an orphanage in Dlugie near Krosno. It remains unclear who left it, but many have claimed it was Buddha.

A police officer opened the box, and PLN 100,000 in cash and lots of sweets were inside.

Too many speculations made by people; Budda also responded via a Twitter post which can still be found on his account.

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Kamil Budda Age: How Old Is the YouTuber?

Kamil Budda’s age remains under review. While looking at his appearance, he is believed to be in his early 30s. Moreover, the YouTuber has never discussed his personal life with the media.

But a report by 4Fund Tv has said that he was born in 1999, which makes his age 25 years as of 2023.

Kamil Labuddha Age
Kamil Budda is a native of Poland. ( Source: Instagram )

In an interview, Budda mentioned that he had a hard childhood and even said that his dad lived in the street for 15 years.

Kamil also moved to London at a young age to find a job and later worked as a dishwasher.

Two years after moving, Budda was reportedly kicked out by his mother, and it has been noted that he does not have any contact with his mom to date.

How Much Is Kamil Labudda Net Worth In 2023?

Kamil Labudda earned a fruitful net worth of around $1 million through his YouTube channel. As said earlier, he has been actively sharing videos on YouTube for a long time.

According to the social blade, Kamil makes an estimated $624 – $10K monthly and $7.5K – $119.9K yearly. 

Besides that, Buddha makes handsome earnings from sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Kamil Labuddha Net Worth
Kamil Labudda is enjoying lavish life, boasting a hefty networth as of 2023. ( Source: Instagram )

Kamil has been collaborating with numerous brands. He takes home a handsome paycheck from his brand endorsement deals. 

More to this, Kamil is a car lover. He often shares snaps of various sports cars from his Instagram handle, which might cost him a fortune.

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