Kang Daniel Parents

Kang Daniel is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, model, and businessman. His parents were separated when he was young, and he grew up with his mother.

The Korean star is best known for winning the second season of Mnet’s Produce 101 and the resulting boy group Wanna One.

Kang has been a solo artist since 2019, with hit albums like Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

Kang Daniel Parents: His Single Mom Raised Him

Kang Daniel grew up in his hometown of Busan with his single mother. His parents got divorced when he was young.

Throughout his childhood, his family experienced severe financial problems. His father’s business suffered losses and eventually closed down. In addition, the separation of his parents added to their financial woes.

During an MBC Radio Star interview, he said his mother raised him alone, so their financial situation was terrible. He entered an art school based on his grades, but the tuition fee was so expensive that he had to drop out.

Kang Daniel family
Childhood picture of Kang Daniel.
(Source: Twitter)

Kang also revealed that he now supports his family with his money. He sends money to his mother regularly. Further, he also sent money to his father when he needed dental treatment.

Although Kang is not in regular contact with his dad, they sometimes talk over the phone.

Kang Is Close With His Mother

Daniel Kang is very close with his mother and frequently visits her in Busan. He also takes her to lunch and shopping and does everything to make her happy.

His mom is also super proud and supportive of Kang and his achievements.

Kang Daniel mother
Kang Daniel with his mother.
(Source: Pinterest)

Kang, who had the broadest shoulders amongst Wanna One members, thanked his mother for it. When Kang was young, his mother made him do 100 pushups every day.

He shared a scary moment in his childhood when he realized his mom was watching him from behind while playing video games in an internet cafe after skipping class. She punished him with pushups.

The two laughed and reminisced during a meetup. Maybe it had to do with the fact that his mother was a professional shooting athlete, discus thrower, and Javelin thrower.

Family Ethnicity And Religion Explored

Kang Daniel is the sole child in the family. He was born in 1996 in Cheonghak-dong, Busan, South Korea. The pop star celebrates his birthday on December 10.

His family follows Christianity and belongs to Asian ethnicity and South Korean nationality.

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Kang is highly fond of animals. He has four cats: Rooney, Peter, Ori, and Zhang-Ah. All of them are female cats.

The 25-year-old was born Kang Eui-geon. He had this birth name throughout his childhood. Later, he legally changed it to Daniel because many people had difficulty pronouncing Eui-geon.

Kang later revealed that a biblical figure was his source of inspiration for the name.

Net Worth: Kang Daniel Is One Of The Richest K-Pop Stars

According to Epic Stream, Kang Daniel has a net worth of $5 million. His fortunes have resulted from his vast array of involvements such as boy band, solo artist, TV host, etc.

Besides, he is the CEO of an entertainment company and management agency called KONNECT Entertainment.

Kang Daniel net worth
Kang Daniel is the founder of KONNECT.
(Source: YouTube)

Moreover, he has been the brand endorser for brands such as Samsung Galaxy Note, Think Nature, Kissing Heart, The Spring home, Chanel, and Mexicana Chicken.

Kang has a massive fandom called Danity. Owing to his influence and selling power, he made it onto Forbes Korea 2030 Power Leaders in Entertainment (2018) and Power Celebrity (2019) lists.

In 2019, Kang opened a new Instagram account, and it only took 11 hours and 36 minutes to reach one million followers. He was the fastest person in history to have done so, breaking the record of Pope Francis of 12 hours in 2016.

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