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Karine Jean Pierre death news went viral on social media following her accident which happened in March 2023. Here’s the fact you should know.

Karine Jean Pierre is a Martinican-born Haitian-American political advisor serving as the White House press secretary. Since March 13, 2022, Pierre has been taking the role.

Also, Pierre is the first Black person and the first openly LGBT person to have the position. Before that, she was the deputy press secretary to her predecessor Jen Psaki from 2021 to 2022.

Likewise, Pierre was the chief of staff for U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential Campaign.

Currently, Pierre is in the spotlight as her death news has left everyone shocked, but there is no fact about it. So, if you are concerned about the viral news, keep reading till the end.

Karine Jean Pierre Death News: Is She Still Alive?

Karine Jean Pierre’s death news has gone viral on social media, but there is no fact about it. The 49 years old political advisor is still alive and is doing well in her life.

Karine Jean Pierre Frn
Karine Jean Pierre shares a photo with Mindy Kaling. ( Source: Instagram )

Also, there have been no records of Pierre being diagnosed with severe illness. Currently, her health condition is fine, and she is also busy with her professional career.

Furthermore, Pierre is active on Instagram as @k_jeanpierreith has more than 236k followers. From her Instagram page, we can get more updates about her ongoing lifestyle.

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Karine Jean Pierre Car Accident: What Happened To Her? Health Update 

According to various social media posts, Karine Jean Pierre got into a rear-end accident on March 26, 2023. A White House press pool reporter also made a tweet reporting Pierre’s accident.

In a post made on March 27, the reporter claimed that Pierre was allegedly slurring her words, unable to stand, and they are refusing to release the body cam footage. 

Karine Jean Pierre Death
A White House press pool reporter shared Karine Jean Pierre’s accident news. ( Source: Twitter )

It is said that no DUI or ticket was given. Other social media posts also show that Pierre was drunk and collided with another car. Americans have criticized, and many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the mainstream media for not reporting the news.

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Karine Jean Pierre Automobile Accident: Is She Arrested?

No, Karine Jean Pierre has not been arrested, but the topic came into the spotlight following her accident news which has been shared openly on social media. Many reports and social media users have talked about the accident, saying that Pierre was involved in a car accident on March 26.

It left everyone stunned as she was not provided with any ticket. Also, none of the verified outlets have reported the news regarding this topic, so people are unaware of the ongoing rumors about Pierre’s accident.

Karine Jean Pierre Car Accident
Karine Jean Pierre’s car accident news and snaps were shared on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

Also, the official statement or comment from Karine has not come yet. A series of tweets by iSource News shows some images of Pierre’s automobile accident. In the post, people also said that Pierre was driving under the influence.

White House reports also said they were warned not to ask anything about the accident for personal reasons. The same post by iSource News showed that her lawyers took care of the accident to avoid negative publicity. 

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