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Katie Meyer was found dead inside her University dorm early this year. After the news came to the public, the word got the public’s attention. People are curious to know about Katie Meyer’s Parents as well. 

Meyer was a soccer player who played as a goalkeeper for Stanford University’s Stanford Cardinal women’s soccer team. 

She has committed to playing soccer with Stanford University since 2015; the team coach always appreciated her performance. 

Suddenly after the news about her death, people started having several questions about her; she always had a bubbly personality, as per what her friends shared.

Although it was a suicidal case, the investigation will still find the real reason behind the suicide.

Read further to get to know more about her death case and also about her parents. 

Meet Katie Meyer’s Parents Steve And Gina Meyer

Katie was the middle child of Steve Meyer and Gina Meyer; they were very protective of her. Since they found out she attempted suicide, they investigated through their point of view.

Katie Meyer’s parents have filed a civil lawsuit against the university, according to a copy of the document that USA TODAY Sports has obtained.

Her parents filed a complaint in Santa Clara County Superior Court on Wednesday, alleging that she was facing disciplinary action for allegedly spilling coffee on a Stanford football player while riding her bike to campus.

Katie Meyer faced possible Stanford discipline before suicide, parents say
Katie Meyer faced possible Stanford discipline before suicide, parents say. (Image Source: New York Post)

The shocking news is that the player allegedly sexually assaulted a female soccer player on the Stanford women’s soccer team when she was a minor. She was the captain of the women’s soccer team at Standford.

Her parents seem very concerned about her death; they have been continuously asking for help from Police to find out the truth.

Hopefully, they have come to the end that she committed suicide because she was facing stress caused by Stanford.

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Katie Meyer Parents Denies Stanford Goalkeeper Suicide Case- Reddit Update

Katie Meyer committed suicide at 22 earlier this year in March 2022. She was going well with her career path; her parents were very proud of her.

But Meyer’s parents sued the University for the wrongful daughter of their daughter.

According to her parents, Stanford “negligently & “recklessly” wrote her a formal written notice accusing her of a “Violation of the Fundamental Standard by spilling coffee on another student” on the evening of February 28, the day before she committed herself.

“Stanford’s had her after-hours disciplinary charge for a long time, and they were showing reckless nature and manner of submission to Katie.

Everyone was treating her differently, which probably caused Katie to suffer acute stress, which led to her suicide, said Steve’s Father of Katie.

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After the complaints were filed, the lawsuit also charged Stanford with Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress for wrongful death.

Meyer was supposed to graduate this year; she was a senior majoring in International Relations and a resident assistant.

Stanford expressed condolence to her family the next day after her death; they said she was a shining star for them.

Stanford shared this letter on the college’s website paying tribute to Meyer
Stanford shared this letter on the college’s website paying tribute to Meyer. (Image Source: Finnoexpert)

Every friend said she was very friendly and had a loving nature, but she was stressed when no one noticed and helped her.

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