Kayana Traylor Tattoo

Kayana Traylor tattoo and their meaning and designs have often been discussed. Fans are curious to learn more about her personal information. 

Traylor is a women’s college basketball player serving as a Virginia Tech Hokies guard. Traylor began her college career at Purdue University before transferring to Virginia Tech in the 2021-2022 season.

During high school, Traylor was named to the Indiana All-Star team. She was also a two-time conference MVP.

In her first season at Virginia Tech, she started in 27 of the 29 games she played, averaging 11.6 points per game and 3.6 rebounds per game. Kayana was named to the All-ACC Freshman team that season.

Traylor is known for her scoring ability and quickness on the court. She is expected to be a key player for Virginia Tech in the coming years.

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Kayana Traylor Tattoo: Their Meanings And Designs

Kayana Traylor has several tattoos, specifically on her right arm, clear from her Instagram posts. 

Traylor’s right arm has various meanings; both written tattoos and some are not visible. However, two distinct tattoos on her right arm may hold particular significance.

Traylor has several tattoos, including a butterfly tattoo on her right arm. She also has other tattoos, including a snake tattoo on her left arm that is visible and looks fantastic on her.

Picture of Kayana Traylor that shows her tattoos on every part of her body.
Picture of Kayana Traylor that shows her tattoos on every part of her body. (Image Source: Instagram)

In addition to the tattoos on her arms, Kayana has a written tattoo between her hip and knee. The text appears in a different language and is not visible. The player has a tattoo on her neck that appears visually appealing in her pictures.

While we cannot confirm or speculate on the specific meanings behind Traylor’s tattoos, as she has not publicly discussed them, it’s evident that she has a strong affinity for tattoos and likes to express herself boldly through her appearance.

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Meet Kayana Trylor Girlfriend, Kierra Fletcher

The source has said Kierra Fletcher and Kayana Trylor as a power couple. The couple prefers to keep their relationship away from the public. 

On the day of the 2023 SEC championship game, Kierra Fletcher, point guard for the South Carolina women’s basketball team, texted her girlfriend, Kayana Traylor, who plays for Virginia Tech, to wish her good luck.


Kierra Fletcher is a point guard for the South Carolina women's basketball team.
Kayana Trylor’s girlfriend, Kierra Fletcher, is a point guard for the South Carolina women’s basketball team. (Image Source: Post and Courier)

While they have joked about the scenario, Fletcher admits that the conflicting emotions of facing her girlfriend on the court would be difficult to handle.

Kierra Fletcher and Kayana, as a couple and as athletes, are both dedicated to their sport and would be entirely focused during the game if they were to face each other in the Final Four for the national championship.

Fletcher played high school basketball at Warren Cousino High School, leading the team to three state championships.

She was named the 2018 Michigan Miss Basketball and the Gatorade Michigan Player of the Year.

Their relationship has been well-received by fans, and the idea of them competing against each other has been a topic of conversation.

While it may be challenging, both players would likely be locked in and focused on their respective teams if they faced off.

The duo has not shared pictures of them on social media, and they have often preferred to keep their relationship aside from their career path. 

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