Kaylea Titford Parents

Kaylea Titford parents were found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter, which resulted in her death. Her dad and mom will face a sentence in March this year.

After his morbidly obese teenage Kaylea was discovered dead in squalid conditions, Alun Titford, 45, of Newtown, Powys, was found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter.

Kaylea Titford, a 16-year-old girl, was found dead at the family House. Police officers discovered her in an even unfit condition for any animal.

People are shocked by how a morbidly obese girl – who weighed 23 stone (146 kg) – was treated by her own parents and died.

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Who Are Kaylea Titford Parents? Father Alun Titford And Mother Sarah Lloyd-Jones

Kaylea Titford is the daughter of Alun Titford and Sarah Lloyd-Jones. She was born with spinal bifida. Although she dealt with numerous challenges, she was a lovely girl.

Kaylea loved to play wheelchair basketball and was mentioned as a potential Paralympian.

Kaylea Titford Parents
Kaylea was born with spina bifida. (Image Source: WalesOnline)

A jury at Mold Crown Court heard that the young girl hadn’t visited doctors in the nine months before her death. In addition, she hadn’t also gone back to school by September 2020.

The prosecution argued that the Covid lockdown caused Kaylea’s parents, Alun Titford, 45, and Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, to keep their failings secret from the public.

Moreover, by her death, Kaylea could not move in her filthy bed; her toenails had not been clipped in at least six months, and her hair was matted and unclean. She had ulcers and severe inflammation of her skin.

According to prosecutor Caroline Rees KC, Kaylea laid in her own human waste because she could not use her toilet or bathroom.

The prosecutor said it must have been a horrible experience you wouldn’t wish on any animal.

Kaylea Titford’s Father: Too Lazy To Take Care Of Her

It is heartbreaking to learn that one’s parent’s heart might grow so cold to their child to this extent.

When asked why he neglected her daughter so badly, Mr. Ttford said, “I am lazy.”  He said after work, he got tired and watched TV at night in his bedroom.

While Kaylea’s Father, Alun Titford, disputed the charges and a different charge of causing or permitting a child’s death, Kaylea’s mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, pleaded guilty to her wrongdoings (manslaughter by gross negligence) last year.

Kaylea passed away due to ulceration brought on by weight and immobility, which caused inflammation and infection. It was the worst case of pressure ulceration, according to a specialist.

Emergency crews who rushed to the residence after her discovery on 10 October reported feeling unwell because of a “rotting” odor in her room.

Kaylea Titford Parents
Snaps of Kaylea Titford’s cluttered room. (Image Source: Image Source; Daily Mail)

Furthermore, maggots discovered in her room were believed to have been feeding on her body.

Footage from the scene revealed the House’s cluttered and filthy interior, including dirty clothes, a urine bottle, a catheter on the floor, and several insect infestations.

Kaylea Titford’s parents will be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on 1 March.

Kaylea Titford Was A Lovely And Fiercely Independent Girl

Kaylea Titford attended Newton High School. People who knew her at school described her as a “funny and Chatty” person.

Before facing such a tragic death, she showed great potential in wheelchair basketball.

Kaylea Titford’s former coach Steve Cox said, “she was a great girl and loved to try card games – and she could cheat better than me in the end.”

Her former learning support assistant testified at her Father’s trial and said Kaylea was “fiercely independent.”

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