Kaz Crossley Parents

Who are Kaz Crossley parents? The former Love Island star once disclosed that she has a Thai root and is proud of her origin.

Kaz Crossley is a British makeup artist. She gained notoriety following her appearance in the dating reality show Love Island season four.

As a makeup artist, the England-born reality TV star has worked with many music videos by well-known musicians like Zayn Malik and Stormzy.

Crossley garnered wider attention after she began dating fellow ‘Love Island’ contestant Josh Denzel. She is again in the spotlight. The Love Island famed celebrity has been imprisoned in Dubai for drug offenses.

Today’s article is about Kaz Crossley’s parents, background and family.

Kaz Crossley Parents: Where Are They From?

Kazimir Crossley, aka Kaz Crossley was born in England on 19 January 1994. However, the Love Island Season four finalist has a Thai background.

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The self-claimed Thai princess once shared a post on her social media account saying she is honestly proud of her Thai background.

Kaz Crossley Parents
Kaz Crossley’s parents met her then-boyfriend, Josh Denzel, and his parents before the final of 2018 Love Island. (Image Source: Image Source: OK)

She also talked more about her family on a romantic picnic; Josh Denzel asked where she is from and about her family background.

The 29-year-old makeup artist revealed she has a small family, including her mother, brother, and her mom’s boyfriend. Kaz Crossley’s mother is from Thailand. The identity of her biological Father has not been made public.

If you are wondering if the reality TV star can speak the Thai language, then the answer is Yes, she speaks a little Thai.

Crossley and Denzel met one another’s parents ahead of Love Island 2018 final. The couple from Love Island season four parted ways in early 2019.

Love Island 2018 Finalist Kaz Crossley Arrested For Drug Case In Dubai

The former Love Island star Kaz Crossley has been imprisoned in Dubai for drug offenses. The influencer was reportedly arrested at Abu Dhabi airport while waiting for a flight to Thailand.

It is believed that her name was flagged because investigators in the United Arab Emirates are still looking into a 2-year-old video that surfaced online showing her snorting an unknown white substance at a Party.

The reality television star traveled to Dubai to avoid restrictions in the UK. The footage was taken while the city was under lockdown.

Kaz Crossley parents
Kaz Crossley snorting a white substance at a Party raised suspicion. (Image Source: The Sun)

The reality Television star could face a minimum of three months in jail and pay a fine of £5,000 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi due to the strict laws and regulations against drinking and drugs.

Due to the UAE’s zero-tolerance policy against drug-related offenses, possession of drugs, even in trace amounts, is severely punished in Dubai and is subject to sentences of up to 20 years in jail.

Kaz Crossley Arrest: Restricted From Contacting Her Family

According to The Sun, authorities refused to let Kaz call her family after her arrest on Monday.

An insider disclosed to the publication that the social media influencer was only permitted to write one email but not to call her relatives.

Crossley sent a message to a specific acquaintance whose email address she could recall, asking her to let her family know that she was fine but had been detained for drug offenses. She had nothing on her that would have justified an arrest.

Moreover, the Foreign Office spokesperson said they are in contact with the local authorities after the arrest of a British citizen in the United Arab Emirates.

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