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Keean Bexte has a huge fan following on his social media accounts, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook page. But who is Keean Bexte?

Why is his name trending on the internet? Having so many followers is impossible without being a special person.

Follow us till the end to learn more about Keean Bexte.

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Who Is Keean Bexte On Twitter?

Kean Bexte is an independent Journalist based in Canada who runs his show independently on his website/venture, TheCounterSignal. The prominent Journalist has reported stories worldwide, from Hong Kong to the White House.

Keean Bexte Twitter
Keean Bexte is the editor-in-chief of the influential news outlet, TheCounterSignal. (Image Source: Twitter)

Bexte is active on Twitter and under the username @The RealKeean. As of this writing, the Journalist has over 258K followers on his Twitter account. Bexte has almost 21K subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he shares news-related videos.

Similarly, Keean has 8.2 Likes and 11K followers on his Facebook page. The prominent Journalist introduced himself as a Journalist broadcasting truth.

According to his YouTube channel, Keean is an award-winning Journalist based in Canada who runs his show independently at TheCounterSignal.

Also, there is a flag of the Netherlands beside his name. Might it be that Keean Bexte used it to support thousands of Dutch farmers? The farmers in the country are protesting against a government plan to limit nitrogen emissions in The Hague.

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Keean Bexte Wikipedia Age Education

Keean Bexte is a young and independent Journalist. He independently runs his own website to share the news.

As for his age, Keean Bexte appears to be in his mid/late 30s. He resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Keean Bexte’s Twitter account is also flooded with news, interviews, and information related to the protest. Many Dutch anti-Rutte protesters are carrying Canadian flags. They claim the Netherlands has a strong bond in the struggle for independence.

Previously, TheCounterSignal crowdfunded 8,000 (Canadian dollars) to land Journalist Keean Bexte in the Netherlands to report on the protests of Dutch farmers. Bexte even created another website, DutchUprising, at that time.

Keean Bexte and his endeavors related to Dutch farmers’ protests seem to have earned him significant recognition.

Moreover, the influential Journalist has also appeared in many TV shows and podcasts, including Timcast IRL, The Ingraham Angle, and Covidland (miniseries).

Regarding his education, Keean Bexte holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary in Natural Sciences (Minor in Economics).

Keean Bexte Twitter
Keean Bexte is a 2018 University of Calgary graduate who majored in Natural Sciences. (Image Source: YouTube)

According to his LinkedIn account, Bexte worked as a research assistant and ministerial staff at Agriculture and Agre-Food Canada before joining Rebel News Networks as a full-time video Journalist in September 2018.

After working for two years and seven months, Keean departed from the Rebel News to begin his own venture at TheCounterSignal in March 2021.

CBS reported in August 2018, Keean was accused of endorsing an alt-right and anti-feminist movie while allegedly attempting to destroy the Wild Rose Party inside a University organization.

Moreover, the publication also reported that Keean Bexte expressed support for abolishing citizenship for children born in Canada to parents who are not citizens.

Keean Bexte Family – Parents And Siblings

The information related to Keean Bexte’s family background and parents is yet to be made public.

His family must be proud of his accomplishments as an influential independent Journalist. Hopefully, we will learn more about Keean Bexte’s personal life in the coming days.

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