Kelle Mortensen

People are curious about Kelle Mortensen, a contestant in a brand new Show MILF Manor. 

Meet the beautiful MILF, Kelle Mortensen, the star of TLC’s new dating show MILF Manor.

After being confirmed as a cast member, she immediately became a fan favorite. But here are a few facts about her that you should be aware of.

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Kelle joined Karma International in March of 2017 at a critical juncture to create new long-lasting friendships and obtain business ideas from other like-minded entrepreneurs.

She is excited about what the future holds for her and the other incredible people she surrounds herself with.

Kelle Mortensen From Milf Manor: How Old Is She? 

MILF Manor is a new TLC dating show in which eight adult women classified as MILFs go on a mission to find love with younger men at a tropical resort in Mexico, including Kelle Mortensen. 

It will be interesting to see if any of the cast members successfully find love on the show, which is the beauty of reality shows.

Kelle Mortensen, 51, is a stunning mother of six. Kelle is currently residing in Orange County, California.

 She grew up in Lansing, Michigan, but relocated to California with her 1-year-old kid in 1997 to pursue her ambitions and live her own life. She finished her studies at Orange Coast College.

Kelle Mortensen
Kelle Mortensen With Her Daughter (Source: Instagram)

She once commented about how her world revolves around her children, “I feel more grateful than ever before and more empowered to continue to become the best mom, friend, and businesswoman I can be… They offer me motivation never to give up, to press on, to dig deep, and to show love and positivity to everyone!”

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The reality TV star is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working on her body, mind, and spirit. Kelle is an adventurous individual.

 She enjoys exploring and participating in new things that push her regularly. She enjoys going on hikes in her spare time.

Kelle Mortensen Husband And Children Details 

Steve Mortensen is Kelle Mortensen’s ex-husband. According to Kelle’s FB post, the couple married on November 8, 2008.

According to the UniCourt filing, Kelle filed for separation/divorce in February 2017.

Kelle and Steve most likely had only one child from their marriage. Her name is Ava. Kelle most likely had the remaining children (Jack, Joey, MaKenna, Kenn, and Maddison Burford) from her past marriages/relationships.

Because they share the same last name, three children, Jack, Joey, and Maddison Burford, were most likely born from the same partner (Noah Burford). Noah lives in Newport Beach, California, and is the founder of

Stephen, born in August 1979, is currently 47 years old, making him eight years younger than Kelle.

Steve is presently employed at Coldwell Banker Realty – Yorba Linda as a Real Estate Broker. 

He formerly worked with California Real Estate Lending and The Mortensen Group Real Estate as a Broker/Owner RealtorĀ®. He had previously worked at Exotic Properties Realty.

Steve is a Western Michigan University and Mona Shores High School graduate. Taylor Mortensen is his wife, who exchanged their wedding vows on August 22, 2020.

Kelle Mortensen Net Worth Explored 

There are no details about Kelle Mortensen net worth. However, we can find details about the real estate queen’s journey through various portals.

KELLE MORTENSEN was born, raised, and lived in East Lansing, Michigan, until she moved to California to pursue her goals at 27.

As a single mother attempting to make ends meet in California with no family or friends, it was an uphill battle.

She got a position in outside sales and quickly rose to the organization’s top, bringing in over $15 million in billing per year for an $80 million-per-year-grossing corporation in just six years.

Kelle Mortensen
Kelle Mortensen Photo Shoot In Front Of A Private Jet (Source: Instagram)

Kelle founded her own Real Estate Mortgage Lending company in 2000, which she built with a partner to over 100 branches and was finally licensed in 26 states.

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She understood she needed to diversify into the real estate business after the mortgage crash and learn everything she could to gain a stronger market pulse.

She obtained her Real Estate Brokers License in 2008 to work for herself in the real estate and lending industries and create her own in-house escrow company. 

She has taught herself everything about residential real estate over the previous 17 years, including staging homes, refurbishing, and now transitioning into a tech-based real estate firm.

Kelle joined Karma International in March of 2017 at a critical point in her life to create new long-lasting friendships and obtain business ideas from other like-minded businesses. 

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