Kelly Pelsma Missing

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Kelly Pelsma is an individual who gained public attention through her appearance on the Canadian reality TV show “Licence To Drill.”

Recently, Kelly, along with her husband Larry Pelsma and their eight-year-old son Dylan.

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Kelly Pelsma Missing With His Wife Larry And Their Eight-Year-Old Son Dylan

Kelly Pelsma is currently the subject of concern as she, along with her husband Larry Pelsma and their son Dylan, has been missing since December 23rd.

The trio was last seen in the Lac Ste Anne area, specifically in Birchwood Estates near Alberta Beach, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton.

Friends and the community are deeply worried as the disappearance is considered highly unusual and out of character for the Pelsma family.

The family was last spotted riding a distinctive side-by-side vehicle in the Birchwood Estates neighborhood.

This vehicle is described as notably loud and may feature underglow lighting, making it distinct and potentially recognizable.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are actively involved in the search for Kelly, Larry, and Dylan.

Kelly Pelsma Missing
Kelly Pelsma, along with her husband Larry and their son Dylan, went missing since 23rd Dec. (Image Source: Facebook)

Pelsma’s previous appearance on the Canadian reality TV show “Licence To Drill” has heightened public interest in her current missing-person case.

The familiarity of her name from the television show has amplified concerns among the public and further motivated outreach efforts.

The link to a popular program has boosted media coverage and social media involvement, underscoring the urgency of finding Kelly and her family.

The community is coming together to raise awareness through social media, sharing information, and coordinating search efforts.

Local news outlets have also been engaged to ensure wider coverage and dissemination of information.

Are Kelly Pelsma And Family Found Yet?

As of the latest available information, Kelly Pelsma, her husband Larry, and their eight-year-old son Dylan have yet to be found.

Concerns are growing as the search efforts continue in the Lac Ste Anne area.

Despite collaborative efforts from the community, friends, and law enforcement, the whereabouts of the Pelsma family remain unknown.

The community’s response has been remarkable, with individuals familiar with the trails in the Lac Ste Anne area stepping forward to assist in the search.

Kelly Pelsma Missing
Kelly Pelsma, husband Larry, and son Dylan still missing; community persists.(Image Source: Facebook)

Coordination efforts are ongoing, with a dedicated focus on covering the area thoroughly and leveraging local knowledge to locate the missing family.

Social media platforms have been pivotal in disseminating awareness and garnering support.

Updates on the search efforts, pleas for information, and requests for assistance have been widely shared, amplifying the outreach to a broader audience.

Friends and well-wishers are anxiously awaiting any news on the Pelsma family’s well-being, hoping for a safe resolution to this distressing situation.

The unusual circumstances surrounding their disappearance have heightened concerns, and the collaborative efforts of the community reflect the determination to bring the family home.

In times like these, community support and engagement are invaluable. The ongoing search emphasizes the resilience and unity of the community, as they remain dedicated to finding Kelly, Larry, and Dylan Pelsma.

Regular updates from local authorities and law enforcement are anticipated, and individuals are encouraged to stay connected with official channels for the latest information on the search efforts.

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