Who Was Kelsie Davies

Who Was Kelsie Davies: Kelsie Davies was a young, 17-year-old girl, who reportedly passed away after being hit by a vehicle. 

A teenage girl and two other young people died when a car was driven allegedly by a 13-year-old boy who had stolen it crashed into them.

Just a few weeks before turning 18, Kelsie Davies of Oakhurst, Queensland, Australia, died in a horrific accident in Maryborough, about 130 miles north of Brisbane.

Cops detained a 13-year-old Bundaberg kid after a Mercedes-Benz that he was reportedly driving hit Kelsie’s car from behind. The Holden Kelsie was riding in during the collision was violently thrown into an approaching Mazda’s path.

The youngster was referred to as a “beautiful girl” by Kelsie’s friend Sarah Gilleatt. “She didn’t deserve to die,” she told 7News. “Nobody should pass away in this manner.”

After Kelsie Davies’ death with two other individuals, people are curiously searching for the accident details and want to know more about Kelsies’ personal whereabouts. 

Keep reading to learn how the young Australian girl was murdered in the accident by sticking with us to the very end.

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Who Was Kelsie Davies?

Kelsie Davies was a young, hopeful teen girl who tragically passed away on May 1 2023, after an irresponsible 13-year-old boy driving a stolen car smashed into her.

Kelsie was also a bright student who graduated in 2022 from Maryborough’s Riverside Christian College. The tragedy devastated teachers and faculty members of Riverside Christian College in Maryborough, where Ms. Davies graduated last year.

Tom Smith, the Bundaberg Labor MP, who took classes up to his inauguration into the Queensland legislature in 2020, was one of her instructors.

According to Mr. Smith, “Kelsie was a student that each educator wishes they could teach. She was always ready to learn, eager to set high goals, and most significantly, she was just a very nice, sweet-natured child adored by all her classmates.”

After her tragic death, her friends and family members are completely heartbroken and shattered.

Who Was Kelsie Davies
Kelsie Davies was a brilliant young girl with big dreams and aspirations. (Source: Daily Mail)

Likewise, Labor MP for Bundaberg Tom Smith also shared that it is very challenging to share all the reasons why Kelsie will be missed, but he was certain that her fellow classmates from Riverside High School’s graduating class of the last year will be heartbroken and expressing their loss for someone who was so important to them.

Moreover, Kelsie was a loving daughter to her parents and a doting friend. All of her big dreams and aspirations have come to an end following her tragic and untimely demise.

Australian Girls Killed In Crash- Accident Details

Three young women have been identified as the victims of a horrific vehicle accident reportedly caused by a 13-year-old kid driving a stolen Mercedes.

At about 10.45 pm on April 30 2023 in Maryborough, 245 kilometers north of Brisbane, the allegedly stolen car crashed into a Holden, killing church pastor Michale Chandler, 29, and Kelsie Davies, 17.

In addition, the force of the collision pushed the car into a Mazda, killing its 52-year-old nurse driver Sheree Robertson as she was returning home from work. Sheree was reportedly killed senselessly while traveling home from work at the neighboring Maryborough Hospital.

Furthermore, a passenger in the Holden was also airlifted to a hospital located in Brisbane for medical attention.

Who Was Kelsie Davies
Michale Chandler, the devoted mum-of-two, also died at the accident scene. (Source: The Sun)

After being taken to the hospital, the boy who was reportedly driving the Mercedes was later turned over to the police and arrested with three charges of dangerous driving a motor vehicle resulting in death and one case of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Following reports of a person being seen fleeing the scene, police are looking into whether there was another person in the car with the accused.

At 8:40 p.m. on April 30, Maryborough police received a theft report for the Mercedes that was involved in the collision; however, no pursuit was underway at the time of the collision.

Moreover, the 13-year-old guy is set to next appear in front of Maroochydore Children’s Court.

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