Drag Car Driver Kelvin Lyle

Kelvin Lyle accident in a recent drag racing has shocked the world. Here’s the recent update regarding his crash.

Kelvin Lyle is a drag-car driver who has been racing for a long time. He has been a part of multiple drag races and has also won some of them.

Furthermore, Lyle was one of the breakout drivers of the 2017/18 season at Perth Motorplex. His performance has impressed many people.

Apart from that, Lyle has been the talk of the town recently after a recent accident that injured the drag car driver seriously. So, fans are waiting for the update, but before that, let’s find out how the accident actually happened.

Kelvin Lyle Accident: Injury Details

Kelvin Lyle was involved in an accident that injured him badly. He was driving at a Darwin race, failed to deploy his parachutes and crashed off the end of the track at high speed.

A live telecast of the race shows the parachutes of Lyle’s car failing to deploy before it hits a barrier and continues off the end of the track.

Kelvin Lyle Accident
Kelvin Lyle was involved in a deadly accident in the 2023 Darwin race that injured him badly. ( Source: ABC )

In the video, Lyle’s vehicle narrowly missed another car as it seemingly lost control. Furthermore, the race was shortly before 11 pm on Saturday and was the last scheduled event of the evening.

Due to the accident, Lyle was injured badly, but it has not been said what part of his body was harmed mainly. 

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Kelvin Lyle Health 2023 After Drag Racing Crash

Kelvin Lyle was rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a high-speed crash at the 2023 Darwin race. According to a recent update, Lyle is in critical condition and is receiving treatment hospital.

Some sources on the internet have claimed that Lyle is in ICU, heavily sedated, as he has broken ribs and some bleeding in the lungs. 

So, now, everyone is keeping Kelvin in their prayers for his speedy recovery, and the official source may give more updates regarding his condition of Lyle.

Kelvin Lyle Health
Kelvin Lyle reportedly broke his ribs and had some bleeding in the lungs after a crash. ( Source: Speedcafe.com )

Everyone who was watching the 2023 Darwin race was shocked when Kelvin got into the deadly accident. Meanwhile, some have also shared their disappointment regarding Channel 7 for just ending the coverage after the accident.

A person on Facebook wrote, “Unfortunately, Another massive accident in the top door slammer at hidden valley tonight. Shame on channel 7 for just ending the coverage… Hope Kelvin Lyle is okay.”

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More About Drag Car Driver Kelvin Lyle

Kelvin Lyle is one of the most loved drag car drivers who have been participating in many championships for a long time. In 2022, he raced at the ADRC Top Doorslammer championship as part of Red CentreNATS.

Furthermore, Kelvin has been active in this field for over a decade. He drives Ford Mustang. Meanwhile, he is also associated with Direct Mining & Industrial International.

Kelvin Lyle Car Accident
The video of Kelvin Lyle’s car accident is trending on the internet. ( Source: Facebook )

Apart from that, Kelvin has a Facebook account with decent followers where he rarely shares posts. Currently, people are wishing Kelvin a speedy recovery and the family of Lyle also receives support from the public.

More details regarding Kelvin’s recent accident will be updated soon.

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