Ken Bruce Hair

People wonder what the Scottish broadcaster Ken Bruce looks like with long hair. Here we present some snaps of the radio personality with different hairstyles.

While discussing the best broadcasters, we can’t leave Ken Bruce. The Scottish broadcaster is best known for hosting a long-running weekday mid-morning show on BBC Radio 2.

The Lanarkshire native has been active in the field since the late 1970s. It was reported that Ken would leave BBC Radio 2 in March this year. He would reportedly join the rival station Greatest Hits Radio.

Apart from his professional life, his fans now wonder what the broadcaster looks like with long hair. Well, his bald head has been the signature look.

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Ken Bruce Hair – Does He Have Cancer?

Some people have also asked if the media personality has Cancer. The answer is, No. Moreover, Ken Bruce is known for having a bald head.

So, the wish to see Ken Bruce with long hair might not be possible if it was not for Ken Bruce’s Week of Wigs program.

In an exciting program called “Ken Bruce’s Week of Wigs,” the National Opera offered the BBC Radio 2 broadcaster the to try out their extensive collection of wigs.

As a result, we witnessed Ken Bruce with long and different hairstyles. Not to mention how fabulous he looked. The style called fulsome locks looked more like a giant hat than hair.

The stylist reportedly applied each strand of hair while putting on “The Bobby Charlton” style. It looked like natural hair. Among six wigs Ken tried, each looked fantastic. Here are some photos of Ken Bruce’s Week of Wigs.

Ken Bruce Hair
Ken Bruce, with long hair, looks FABULOUS. (Image Source: BBC)

Ken Bruce Is Leaving BBC Radio 2

Ken Bruce is one of the longest-serving hosts in history. The broadcaster announced this week on air that he will leave the station.

Bruce has been hosting BBC Radio 2 mid-morning show for 31 years. He said the time is right for him to move on from Radio 2. “I had a tremendously happy time,” he added. But Ken believes it’s time for a change.

Ken’s program, well-known for its daily Popmaster quiz, has 8.5 million weekly listeners. He told listeners that his current contract with the station would end in March, and at that point, he will be moving from it.

Ken joined the BBC in 1997 and had his regular Radio 2 slot in 1984. Likewise, he moved to mid-mornings in 1986. His mid-morning slot became permanent in 1992.

The 71-year-old stressed that it was entirely his decision. But there are some new opportunities that he would like to grab. The radio personality also expressed his wish to continue his career slightly differently for the next few years.

In a later statement released by Greatest Hits Radio, Bruce confirmed that Popmaster would be a part of his new program, which would debut on April 3 and run from 10:00 to 13:00.

Ken Bruce Hair
Ken Bruce is to leave BBC Radio 2 this year. (Image Source: BBC)

Ken Bruce’s Wife And Kids

Ken Bruce has been married thrice. He is also a proud Father of six kids.

The broadcaster’s first marriage was with Fiona Fraser in 1976. They had two kids before ending their marriage in 1988.

Ken’s second marriage was to Anne Gilchrist from 1990 to 1995. He welcomed a child with Anne.

Bruce now shares a blissful marital life with Kerith Coldham. The married duo tied the knot in 2000. They reside near Thame, Oxfordshire.

Furthermore, the broadcaster is a proud Father to four sons and two daughters. His youngest kid was born in February 2008. The radio personality’s one son has autism. Ken is an activist for autism charities.

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