Kevin Johnson Parents

People are curious to learn more about Democratic Party politician Kevin Johnson’s Parents. Stay with us to learn about the Johnson family.

Johnson is the first African American to serve as Mayor of Sacramento, elected in 2008 and 2016.

Before becoming a politician, he was a former professional basketball player; he started playing basketball in high school.

He was a three-time NBA All-Star and four-time second-team All-NBA selection during his basketball playing career.

Johnson held numerous records for the Phoenix Suns organization from 1988 to 1994-95 season.

As Mayor of Sacramento, Johnson launched two education initiatives to benefit students in Sacramento.

Johnson helped the Sacramento Kings basketball team from moving to Anaheim. Stay with her to learn more about his personal information.

Kevin Johnson Parents: Mother, Georgia Johnson And Father, Lawrence Johnson

Kevin Johnson was born into a well-settled family; he has a great relationship with his mother, Georgia Johnson.

Georgia was 16 years old when she gave to Kevin. His parents were high school sweethearts; they got married at a very early age.

His Father, Lawrence Johnson, died in a boating accident when he was three. So, he and his mother were raised by his grandparents, Peat’s family.

Therefore, Johnson shared a great relationship with his grandparents; his mother worked for him, so much of his time he spent with his grandparents.

Georgia is an African American, whereas his Father Lawrence was White American, so Johnson now shares a mixed ethnicity.

His mother supported him when he started choosing basketball as his career. She seems to be a proud mother; for now, she is known as the mother of Kevin Johnson.

Johnson seems to be interested in basketball and baseball since high school; as he attended Sacramento High School, he was active in both sports. But he chooses to be continuity to basketball.

Kevin Johnson Family Details

Kevin has his own family now; he is a married man. Johnson married Michelle Ann Rhee, an American educator and advocate for education reform, in 2011.

They had a small ceremony and shared their vows in front of 40 people at a Tennessee mountain resort.

Kevin Johnson with his wife Michelle Rhee
Kevin Johnson with his wife Michelle Rhee. (Image Source: Flickr)

The couple’s marriage date was out a year ago, but they postponed it because of personal problems.

After being married for almost ten years, they do not share any children. Johnson’s wife, Michelle, has two daughters with her ex-husband Starr, 13, and Olivia, 10.

They have been living with their Father, and Michelle sometimes visits them. Michelle was Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools before being an educator.

Johnson and Rhee are often seen together in public, showing how close their bond is.

Rhee seems to support her husband with his career path; she often is present with him in any program or festival.

Although there has always been little information about his family, he is very private.

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Kevin Johnson Net Worth 2023

People have been curious to know the net worth of American politicians, so as per the Sources, his net worth at present is $10 million.

Johnson was elected as Mayor of Sacramento, becoming the first African-American in the post, which also increased his net worth.

Kevin Johnson Twitter Post.
Kevin Johnson Twitter Post. (Image Source: Twitter)

His net worth increases every year with his work, and he has contributed to the family field. He helped the education sector benefit the students in Sacramento.

Johnson helped the Sacramento Kings basketball team from moving to Anaheim as well.

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