Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan Death came after 86 days on hunger strike. Keep reading to know more about the Palestinian prisoner.

Khader Adnan was a Palestinian prisoner in Israel who had been imprisoned 12 times under administrative detention.

Besides that, Adnan was widely noted as being a spokesman and Leader in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the West Bank. Reportedly, he was also a member of the Palestinian reconciliation committee.

Adnan gained widespread recognition for being repeatedly held in detention by Israeli authorities. The Palestinian prisoner is currently in the limelight due to his death which was announced recently.

Khader Adnan Death Cause: Palestinian Prisoner Died in Hunger Strike

Khader Adnan’s death cause is related to a hunger strike as the Palestinian prisoner died in an Israeli jail after 86 days on a hunger strike. The Palestinian Prisoners Society shared the news leaving everyone stunned.

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) said Adnan was found unconscious early on Tuesday and was rushed to the hospital but attempts to resuscitate him failed. The IPS said Adnan had refused to undergo medical tests and get treatment.

Khader Adnan death
Khader Adnan was found unconscious early on Tuesday and was rushed to the hospital but attempts to resuscitate him failed. ( Source: The Guardian )

After the demise was announced, militants fired at least three rockets from the Gaza Strip, with no one injured. Furthermore, Adnan had been charged with belonging to a terrorist group and provocation and had been due to stand trial this month.

He was from Jenin in the occupied West Bank and had been in and out of Israeli arrest over the past two decades. Moreover, Khader had been on hunger strike five times. 

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Khader Adnan Obituary and Funeral Details

The obituary of Khader Adnan was shared by the Palestinian Prisoners Society, leaving everyone shocked. The Prisoners Affairs Authority, the Palestinian Prisoners Society, and the prisoners’ institutions said that the Israeli Prison Service officially declared the prisoners of Adnan’s demise following his hunger strike. 

The Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs also confirmed the tragic news in a statement that Adnan had been on a hunger strike for almost 86 days, demonstrating his arbitrary arrest.

Khader Adnan relative
Khader Adnan’s relatives mourn the death of Adnan as he died on May 2, 2023. ( Source: CNN )

The Prisoners were alerted of the martyrdom of Adnan, who was in extremely critical condition and at risk of dying at any moment, mainly since the Israeli authorities refused to answer his demands and disregarded him medically by placing him in a cell despite his deteriorating health after 86 days of hunger strike.

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Khader Adnan Health Condition Before Death

Khader Adnan’s health condition is among people’s search following his death. However, there were not many details about it. Israeli prison authorities said Adnan refused to undergo medical tests and receive medical treatment.

A lawyer for Adnan blamed Israel for medical negligence. Reportedly, Israel was asked to be moved into a civilian hospital where he could be appropriately followed up. 

Khader Adnan health
Khader Adnan was greeted by Palestinians after his release from an Israeli prison in 2015. ( Source: CNN )

Unfortunately, such a demand was met by intransigence and refusal by the Israeli prison authorities. Furthermore, Adnan was married to Randa Mousa.

Mousa told Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency that her husband was being held in a clinic at Ramla jail in central Israel. 

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