Khalid al-Misslam Death

Khalid al-Misslam’s death suddenly has raised concern among the people as his demise news has surfaced over the internet and news outlets.

Since the incident occurred while covering up the World Cup, it was immediately recognized publically.

Late Khalid worked for the Qatari channel Al Kass TV as a photojournalist. With his death, he became the second Journalist to die reporting at the World Cup in Qatar, after the American reporter Grant Wahl.

Since similar demise news has appeared among the people, it has made the case more curious, wanting to know about the cause of their situation. 

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Khalid al-Misslam Death: What Happened To Him?

World Cup 2002, which is occurring in Qatar, has grasped the attention of many people as the event unites many countries at one ground to show their football skills.

Yet another tragedy at the World Cup, yet another journalist dies
Yet another tragedy at the World Cup, yet another Journalist dies [Source- The nation View]
With the celebration and enthusiasm in the field, the death news of photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam has shocked many people. His demise was regarded “suddenly” while he was covering the event.

He was working for the Qatari news channel Al Kass TV for which he was present to cover the event for them. While he was working for the same, he collapsed to death.

Even though his death news has been widely acknowledged, the primary cause of his demise has not been shared publically. With investigation, the information shall come over.

Along with the news flow, many people have poured condolences and prayers for his family members to overcome the grief and mourning phase.

Khalid al-Misslam Becomes Second Journalist To Die Covering World Cup In Qatar.

Khalid al-Misslam’s death is not the only one that happened at World Cup In Qatar, but it was the second time the media reported the Journalist died at the event. 

He passed away after 48 hours when famous United States football correspondent Grant Wahl died while covering Argentina’s quarter-final win over the Netherlands.

With this, Khalid becomes the second Journalist to pass away while covering the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The Gulf Times reported Al-Misslam’s death.

Even though the media have mentioned the information about Grant receiving medics’ attention, Khalid’s actual whereabouts still need to be highlighted.

Qatar, journalist who died at the World Cup: Khalid Al Misslam – Football
Qatar, Journalist who died at the World Cup: Khalid Al Misslam (Source- Italy 24 Press News)

Shortly, the investing authorities and doctors may look at the case to find the cause of the incident. If anything suffocating or problematic appears, they may consider looking over it.

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Did Khalid al-Misslam Have Any Kind Of Health Problems?

Khalid al-Misslam’s death had unclear circumstances, and the information about his whereabouts has not been clearly shared among the general public.

It seems that he had some kind of health issue that collapsed him to die without significant signs and symptoms the people around could notice. He was said to have died suddenly.

As the case has been repeated twice, it may have gathered the attention of the concerned authorities, which may point out the cause of their death, so a similar incident does not happen twice.

Similarly, al-Misslam’s family members or close ones have not shared any kind of statement regarding the matter and maintained silence about the phase. They may be seeking privacy amid the grieving moment.

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