Kibiwott Kandie

A Kenyan long-distance runner with several marathon wins and a world record, Kibiwott Kandie has a net worth of $1.1 million (Kshs. 120 million). 

Kibiwott debuted in 2019 from Saint Silvester Road Marathon. However, in a short time, the runner has garnered considerable net worth and fame along the way. 

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Already unstoppable, Moh won the 2019 Silvester Marathon, Prague Marathon of 2020, and Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon held in 2019.

Moreover, he made history by finishing the Valencia Half Marathon in a record time of 57:32, which is less than 30 seconds from the previous record. 

Kibiwott Kandie earned net worth.
Kibiwott Kandie Set a New World Record at the 2020 Valencia Marathon (Source: Triathlon)

No wonder Kibiwott is considered one of the most active and luckiest racers in running history.

Before we move any further, let us quickly look at some of his facts. 

Kibiwott Kandie | Quick Facts

Name Kibiwott Kandie
Nickname Kandie, Moh
Birthdate June 20, 1996
Birthplace Baringo Country, Western Kenya
Age [calculate_years datestring=”06/20/1996″] Years Old
Nationality Kenyan
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christianity
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown 
Tribe Kalenjin
Education Not Available 
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 1.67 m
Weight 52 kg
Body Measurements Unknown
Shoe Size 4 (US)
Body Shape Athletic 
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Professional Long Distance Runner
Debut 2019 (Saint Silvester Road Marathon)
Coach John Korir, Joseph Cheromei
  • Saint Silvester Road 15km Race, 2019 Winner
  • Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon Winner
  • Winner of 2020 Prague Marathon
World Records 2020 (57:32)
Salary $20k-$50k
Net Worth $1 Million 
Endorsements Unknown
Sexual Orientation Straight 
Marital Status Unmarried 
Wife No
Children No
Social Media Not Available
Merch Running Shoes, Shorts, Gloves
Last Updated [current-month] [current-year]

Kibiwott Kandie | Net Worth

At present, Kibiwott Kandie enjoys a net worth of $1.1 million. Along with that, he features in some extravagant and high-end brand deals, contracts, and endorsements.

It is also estimated that Kandie earns $20k-$50k per marathon.

Similarly, after breaking the half marathon record in Valencia, Kibiwott took home a whopping $160,000 as prize money.

Nonetheless, in case you don’t know, the prize money of the World Athletic Half Marathon varies from $30,000 to $300,000.

So undoubtedly, Kibiwott has a long way to go, and precisely Kibiwott would earn millions in coming years.

Net Worth of Kibiwott Kandie in Different Currencies

Below is Kibiwott Kandie’s net worth in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €977,648
Pound Sterling £831, 771
Australian Dollar A$ 1,547,161
Canadian Dollar C$ 1,419,165
Indian Rupee ₹83,698,340
BitCoin ฿23

Kibiwott Kandie Net Worth: Endorsements

Since Kibiwott is seen wearing Adidas shoes in most of his matches, many expected the Kenyan runner to be endorsed by one.

However, no official announcement has been made regarding this.

There is not much information regarding Kandie’s brand deals and endorsements either.

But undoubtedly, there are many brands lined up to make Kibiwott endorse their product.

Kibiwott Kandie’s Achievements

In 2019, Kibiwott Kandie participated in the Saint Silvester Road 15 km Race held in São Paulo, Brazil. Again, he appeared as the first to finish the race at 42:59.

Similarly, in 2020, Kandie participated in the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon held in Prague, Czech Republic, where he emerged victorious in 58:58 minutes.

That same year,  Kandie took part in Prague Half Marathon, which took place in Prague, Czech Republic, and finished first at 58:38.

However, he came second at the World Championships Half Marathon held in Gdynia, Poland.

Kibiwott Kandie World Record
Kibiwott Kandie Set a New World Record at Valencia Half Marathon (Source: Times of India)

The Kenyan runner quickly grabbed the first spot again at the Valencia Half Marathon, completing the race in 57:32 minutes.

After that, he participated in another race in Istanbul, Turkey, called the Istanbul Half Marathon.

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What makes Kibiwott Kandie a good runner?

Kibiwott and most Kenyan and Ethiopian runners like Hicham El Gureeouj, Wilson Kipsang, etc., have dominated middle and long-distance running. However, various factors have played a role in making them extraordinary runners.

The first and foremost reason is the traditional diet; Moh and all the runners are very conscious about what they eat and put in their bodies.

As the economic condition of people residing in Kenya and Ethiopia is low, they also have this motivation to earn well. As a result, their passion drives them to do more good.

Overall, it appears that, as per various research, Ethiopian and Kenyan distance runners’ success is not based on a unique hereditary or physiological characteristic.

As of now, Kibiwott Kandie’s net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million.

A Glance at Kibiwott Kandie’s Life

Kibiwott Kandie was born on 1996, June 20, in Kenya, Baringo Country. This splendid athlete belongs to the Kalenjin tribe.

Kandie’s mother was a farmer, and his father used to work for the Ministry of Water. Similarly, when Kandie was young, he used to spend his days on his feet.

Besides, Kibiwott’s school was far, and to reach school, he had to walk 7 km every day, four times since he had to come back for lunch at home. So he would walk a bit and run a bit.

Furthermore, Kibiwott had to look after the cattle, meaning more running back and forth.

Despite his parents’ wishes, Moh did not pursue higher education after graduating in 2015. With much conviction and assurance, young Moh joined the Army.

Moh served in the military for four years. But his true passion was running, and hence, he continued that in the military.

Even amidst COVID-19, Kandie did speed work and ran every day. It is his optimism and hard work that has led him this far.

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, Kibiwott is not active on any social media platforms. But undoubtedly, he is an inspiration to many youths and aspiring runners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kibiwott Kandie have a girlfriend?

As of now, no, he doesn’t. However, Kandie is a private person, and he doesn’t like to publicly talk about his personal life.

Is Kibiwott Kandie taking part in Tokyo Olympics?

Taking part in Tokyo Olympics was Kandie’s dream. But sadly, the Kenyan runner did not participate in the 2020 Olympics.

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