Kim Schraub

Kim Schraub does not have hair which led to people speculating if she had Cancer. People have been particularly inquiring about her hair, as she is seen wearing a scarf.

Kim is a Creative Director of Skims. She also works as Creative Director for YEEZY brands fashion.

Similarly, she is also the designer and co-founder of Love Leather, who sharpened her skills at Victoria’s Secret.

The girl has also been working as a designer for several brands. Schraub began her career as an Abercrombie and Fitch designer in the Ohio, Columbus, region.

Moreover, the designer spent six years working for the business. Kim created presentations and seasonal trend books for all brands.

Kim Schraub No Hair: Why Is She Bald?

The Creative Director of Skims appears bald and wears a scarf covering her head, leading people to wonder if she has Cancer.

However, it is possible that Schraub does not want to grow her hair. Though she does not have hair, her beauty always shines off.

In Addition, Kim had many photographs of a full head of hair earlier, which indicates that her hair loss may have started later.

Kim Schraub
Kim Schraub appears to be bald and wears a scarf over her head.
Source: Instagram

Although she is active on social media, the girl has not disclosed the details of her personal life. She prefers to be silent about her baldness.

Moreover, many people do not like to grow their hair; she might be one of them and prefers to shave it.

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Does Kim Have A Cancer? Illness And Health Update

Schraub has not revealed the reason for her hair loss, which led many people to surmise that she might have Cancer.

However, the Creative Director has not discussed her health and illness, so we assume she is fit and healthy.

Moreover, there is various reason for hair loss. It might happen to someone who has been diagnosed with Cancer, but Kim has not confirmed her illness, so we can’t run to a conclusion.

Kim Schraub
Kim Schraub has not revealed any details regarding her health and illness. Source: Mixedarticle

Apart from Cancer, Androgenetic alopecia and Genetically induced hair loss is common, so it might be the one she is suffering from.

But we hope Kim does not have such an illness and the reason behind her baldness is her interest and fashion rather than her poor health.

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How Much Net Worth Does Kim Schraub Earn?

The Creative Director of YEEZY brands fashions Kim Schraub’s net worth is whopping around $5 million as of 2022.

Schraub’s main source of income is her career as a Creative Director. However, we don’t have any information about her assets, properties, or endorsements.

Moreover, she has earned a fortune while designing clothes for celebrities and well-known models. In 2003, the talented girl served as the New York City Area’s SVP of Design and Concept of Pink for Victoria’s Secret.

According to the sources, Kim worked there for ten years and took the Pink brand from its establishment to a $1.5 billion Company in eight years.

Similarly, Schraub developed the Pink brand’s general concept highlighting confidence and gorgeous looks.

Likewise, the designer led creative graphic teams to use pattern, color, ornamentation, and graphic design to create an emotional brand.

Kim developed the look of a licensed attire Company that collaborated with 60 universities, the NFL, and MLB. The fashion designer was responsible for swimwear, general clothing, intimates, and accessories.


Who Is Kim Schraub?

Kim Schraub is a creative director and a designer.

Does She Have A Cancer?

She has not confirmed the rumors about her being diagnosed with Cancer.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Her net worth is a staggering $5 million.

Is Kim Bald?

Yes, Kim is bald.

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