Kirk Herbstreit Affair

Did Kirk Herbstreit engage in extramarital affairs? There have been several claims that Kirk had an extramarital relationship with Erin. But they all turned out to be fakes.

Kirk is a former collegiate football player, sportscaster and ESPN analyst. 

He was the first player to commit to the Ohio State Buckeyes following the appointment of John Cooper as head coach in 1988. 

Similarly, he gives color commentary for college football games on ESPN and ABC and Thursday night NFL games on Prime Video.

Additionally, Herbstreit is an analyst for ESPN’s College GameDay, a TV program that covers college football.

Similarly, he decided to extend his contract with ESPN the same day to continue hosting GameDay, Saturday Night Football, and the NFL Draft in addition to his new NFL responsibilities for Amazon.

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Kirk Herbstreit Affair: Did He Cheat On His Wife Allison?

According to several media reports from 2007, Kirk allegedly had an affair. The other woman, according to rumors, was Jerry Dunlow’s wife, a Police officer in Columbus.

Later, Kirk acknowledged having a five-year relationship with Tracy, the wife of a Police officer.

A former player regretted what he had done & felt guilty. Many people’s lives were impacted by this affair, as Jerry divorced Tracy.

Kirk Herbstreit Affair
Kirk and his wife, Allison first met at the Ohio State University (Source: Playerbio)

According to Playersbio, Erin Andrews, a fellow ESPN sportscaster, was also linked to Allison’s spouse. Sadly, neither ever responded to the rumor.

Kirk Herbstreit & his wife used to live apart after those reports, and their relationship was not good.

But in the end, Kirk’s wife, Allison, forgave her husband for the benefit of her kids. Since her children were still little, she wished to shield them from all the wrong things.

Additionally, Allison never confronted her husband about his extramarital affair; instead, she remained silent and let him handle the problem.

Kirk Herbstreit Kids And Family

Kirk and his wife, Allison, have four children together, Jake, Tye, Zake and Chase. 

Jake & Tye, twin brothers who were born in 2000, are the oldest.

Zak, their third son, was born in 2003. After the birth of the fourth son, Chase Herbstreit, in 2006, the pair was expanded even further.

Kirk Herbstreit Affair
Kirk Herbstreit with his sons in New Orleans on July 1, 2020 (Source: Tigernet)

Similarly, Kirk’s son participates in school football teams and is an active athlete. They must have drawn inspiration from their Father, then.

The two oldest, Jake and Ty, participated in football for the Montgomery Bell Academy Clemson Tigers team. But in June 2021, Jake left the program, stopping his football career.

Likewise, Zak, their 2nd child, is a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. He also attended Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, Dayton, Tennessee Tech, and the University of Tennessee-Martin, all extended scholarship offers to him.

Chase Herbstreit, the youngest son, plays quarterback for St. Xavier High School.

How Did Kirk and Alison Butler Meet?

Kirk and Alison first met while attending Ohio State University. She was an Ohio State cheerleader, and he was the school’s top quarterback at that time.

The pair dated for four years before being married in 1998, and throughout the years, several reports of infidelity have surfaced at random intervals.

Allison was a standout cheerleader for the Ohio State football team and oversaw the squad the entire time she was there.

She was renowned for her courage, diligence, and professionalism throughout her academic activities.

The entire Herbstreit family resides in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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