Klaudia El Dursi

 Klaudia Dursi is a Polish actress born February 28, 1989, in Bydgoszcz, Kujawsko-Pomorskie. Read about her kids.Meet Klaudia El Dursi Dzieci David Aka Dawid And John AKA Jasia.

Fans of Klaudia El Dursi, the well-known model and TV personality, are fascinated by her professional success and curious about her personal life.

The actress has appeared in several notable projects, including “The Christening” (2010), “Temptation” (2023), and “BrzydUla” (2008).

Her unique beauty can be attributed to her Libyan father, which has added to her appeal as the host of Hotel Paradise.

She captivated both the judges and viewers of the Top Model program with her charisma and exotic charm. 

In 2011, she even won the title of Miss Fitness, propelling her career beyond. The article here discusses her children and career.

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Klaudia El Dursi Dzieci: Son David Aka Dawid And John AKA Jasia

Klaudia El Dursi is the proud mother of two children who she often refers to as the apple of her eye. 

The names of her two sons are Dawid and Jasia, who hold a special place in her heart, and she cherishes her role as a mother.

Likewise, Klaudia’s partner, Jacek Leszczyński, has been a great source of support for her. They have been together for eight years.

Klaudia El Dursi is a proud mother of two sons, Dawid and Jasia
Klaudia El Dursi is a proud mother of two sons, Dawid and Jasia (Source: Plotek)

The Polish actress gained recognition for her roles in The Christening (2010), How to Get Rid of Cellulite (2011), and BrzydUla (2008).

Before her acting career, she began as a model, and her breakthrough role came in 2010 when she portrayed the character of Model Domi on the TV series BrzydUla.

In Top Model’s popular reality show, Klaudia was the first contestant to receive the Golden Ticket.

The ticket granted her the privilege of living in the House of Models without going through the boot camp. Ultimately, she finished in fifth place on the show.

She leveraged her success to appear in various television formats, reaching the height of her popularity. 

The model also excels in social media, regularly sharing posts with glimpses into her private life and behind-the-scenes moments from photo shoots. 

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Hotel Paradise Actress: Klaudia El Dursi Career

Before gaining fame, Klaudia El Dursi worked as a photo model, appearing in various international editions of Playboy, including the Polish version in 2007.

She also landed several minor roles in television series like Ugly and Straight into the Heart and the film How to Get Rid of Cellulite.

Additionally, she appeared on Kuba Wojewódzki’s show as a “wodzianka,” serving water to the guests. In September 2020, she was on the famous sofas as a guest.

In recent news, Klaudia El Dursi, known for her appearance on the reality show “Hotel Paradise,” delighted her fans on Instagram with stunning bikini photos.

Klaudia El Dursi's Instagram profile boasts over 850,000 followers
Klaudia El Dursi’s Instagram profile boasts over 850,000 followers (Source: Newsy)

Posing against beautiful backdrops, she showcases her self-created stylizations, receiving numerous compliments from her followers.

In her latest post, she showcases a flashy golden sequined two-piece swimsuit that accentuates her slender figure, complemented by a tie-up cape.

Noteworthy details include her elegantly styled hair adorned with jewelry woven into the strands near her face.

The unique purple beachwear features a classic-cut bikini top made of metallic-threaded fabric with ties at the neck and back, along with removable cups.

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