Komotay Koffie

 Komotay Koffie is a defensive back for Northern Colorado and is also known as Kwity Paye brother, the Liberian professional American football player. Here is everything about Komotay Koffie Wikipedia bio and age. 

Komotay Koffie is an American football player for Northern Colorado, where he is positioned as a defensive back. Further, most American football fans also recognized him as Kwity Paye’s brother. 

Like his younger brother, Koffie also has impressive playing history, and in 2022 he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent. 

Komotay has been in the American football vocation since his song age, and while exploring his playing bio, in 2019, he played in two games for New Mexico State. 

Additionally, he was a sporting lad from a young age. He started playing and contesting in different events and games during his school career. 

On the other side, his younger brother, Kwity Paye, is also a professional-level American football player. Further, he is positioned as a defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NFL). 

Who Is Komotay Koffie, Kwity Paye Brother?

If you are a Kwity Paye fan, then you must have known about Komotay Koffie, who is also an American football player and the brother of Kwity Koffie. 

As said earlier, Komotay is also an American football player based in Northern Colorado, and he has professionalism as a defensive back for the team, Kansas City Chiefs. 

Kwity Paye Brother Komotay Koffie
Komotay Koffie during his football match. (Source: Instagram)

Being a sports lover from a young age, he spent a final college season in the FCS ranks with the Bears. Along with his professional playing career, the player is also famous for being the brother of Kwity Paye. 

Describing short about Kwity is the younger brother of Komotay, and both brothers made their playing career debut in childhood. 

Komotay and Kwity were associated with American football growth. Additionally, he spent his college career in Michigan, where he played from 2017-2020. 

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Komotay Koffie Age And Wikipedia Bio 

Komotay Koffie, the defensive back for Kansas City Chiefs’ age, is reported to be 26 years old. Likewise, the complete insiders into his birth details have not been updated. 

More, Komotay’s bio is still to be updated on the official page of Wikipedia. However, we can explore his professional bio from various sports online.

So, this might take more time to update his Wikipedia bio. On the other hand, his brother, Kwity’s bio can be studied on the official page of Wiki. 

Komotay Koffie
Komotay Koffie in the East-West Shrine Bowl game. (Source: CBS News)

While exploring Kwity’s bio, both siblings were born to a Liberian Krahn mother in a refugee camp in Guinea, and they share one year of an age gap.

Later, their mother brought Komotay and Kwity to Providence, Rhode Island, in the United States. 

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Komotay Koffie Net Worth: Career Earnings Explored

Kwity Paye’s brother Kwity Paye has a considerable net worth which he may have preserved from being a football defensive back. His actual net worth remains unknown as there are no details regarding his career earnings.

Komotay Koffie
Komotay Koffie maintains a lavish lifestyle. (Source: Instagram)

Komotay has yet to play in the NFL, but his income will surely skyrocket if he gets drafted. An NFL player’s median wage is 860,000. So, if Komotay plays in the NFL, his income will be impressive.

Apart from that, his brother Kwity is an NFL player playing for the Indianapolis Colts. He has an amazing deal with his team and has a net worth in the six figures.

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