Kris Aquino New Boyfriend

Kris Aquino, new boyfriend rumors, have been all over the Internet, and people are interested to learn more about the relationship.

Aquino is a well-known television host; she has presented herself in various television shows, along with television news shows she has been in movies and series. 

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People know her as a host, Actress, producer, socialite, and businesswoman, originally from Quezon City, Philippines. 

Kris started her career as a television host; she worked as a host of the talk show Kris. Along with that, she got involved in many well-known television shows. 

Besides being a television host, she started her career as an Actress; her first debut film was Pido Dida: Sabay Tayo in 1990. 

Aside from all her professional information, people have discovered that she has been involved in a new relationship; read further to find out more about her new boyfriend. 

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Kris Aquino New Boyfriend: Is She Dating Mark Leviste?

A new post by Mark Leviste, a Filipino politician. Mark shared a picture with the television host, Kris. They were never seen together until the pictures of them came out. 

Mark mentioned that he came from 7k miles away to be with Kris on her birthday and for Valentine’s Day. It clearly shows that they have developed a particular relationship. 

Along with the pictures of them together, Mark shared a video with the caption, “Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel,”

Since their pictures were out, people started sharing them on different social media platforms and made it look like a rumor. 

Mark Leviste flew to the US recently to spend Valentine’s Day and mark the birthday of actress Kris Aquino.
Mark Leviste flew to the US recently to spend Valentine’s Day and for the birthday of Actress Kris Aquino. (Image Source: Instagram)

But Kris also confirmed their relationship, or just let’s say she shared a thank you message to her partner, Leviste.

The pictures, the video, and the thank you note cleared us that they are in a relationship, which they never confirmed on Instagram until now. 

Kris and Mark love each other Company, making a perfect couple. Her fans have shared positive comments about the couple.

No one was sure about them being in a relationship until Mark shared a post with the caption, “Happy Birthday To You And Happy Valentine to us,”

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Was Kris Aquino Married Before Mark Leviste? Relationship Timeline 

Aquino was married once and shared two children with two different men. Before getting into a relationship with Mark Leviste, she was engaged to a politician, Mel Senen Sarmiento

But the couple called it off and separated in January 2022. Aquino was in a relationship with Phillip Salvador; the couple never got married or engaged. But they welcomed their first son in 1994. 

Then, she was in a relationship with comedian Joey Marquez, but they did not last long and separated in 2003. 

Then, she married James Yap for the first time, and the couple had their first son, Bimby Aquino Yap. Their son is a child Actor and media personality. Yap and Aquino got separated in 2012.

Kris Aquino with her two son at the airport.
Kris Aquino with her two sons at the airport. (Image Source: Yahoo News Singapore)

 After that, she was involved with another man who did not work out; then, in 2021, she was engaged. The Actress has kept everything aside and developed a new relationship with the politician Mark Leviste.

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