Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia

Fans are curious to learn about Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia and biography as General Hospital has recast her as New Molly. 

Kristen Vaganos is a Los Angeles actor, writer, and producer.

She graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and has been involved in various film and television projects.

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Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia And Biography 

Kristen Vaganos is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment world, recognized for her work as an actor, writer, and producer.

Her notable acting career includes a compelling portrayal of the titular character ‘Lisa’ in the gripping revenge thriller “I Am Lisa,” directed by horror veteran Patrick Rea.

The film, widely available for streaming, renting, or purchase, garnered attention and is even set to receive a sequel.

Kristen’s talent also shines in the dance thriller “Obsessed with the Babysitter,” where she takes on the role of the babysitter Elaine. This thriller is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

Kristen’s versatility extends to television, with appearances in WongFu’s rom-com series “Dating After College” and a recurring role in the Amazon Prime series “Bulge Bracket.”

She has also ventured into the comedy world, performing as part of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) improv team Parliament.

Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia
Kristen Vaganos joined “GENERAL HOSPITAL” as Molly amidst previous recasts. (Image Source: Instagram)

Vaganos has taken on the role of Molly in the popular soap opera “GENERAL HOSPITAL.”

This casting change surprised viewers on the show’s September 27, 2023, episode. It marks the third recasting of the character Molly since May.

Introduced initially as Molly Lansing-Davis in 2005, the character has seen several actresses in the role, with Kristen Vaganos being the latest addition.

The character of Molly was aged to a pre-teen in 2009 when Haley Pullos assumed the role. Following Pullos’ legal issues and arrest in May, Molly was temporarily recast with Holiday Mia Kriegel.

Kriegel’s tenure as Molly was temporary, as Brooke Anne Smith took over the role in July.

Smith’s casting was initially meant to be a “permanent” addition to the show, but it faced criticism from viewers who felt she appeared too old to portray the character accurately.

Kristen Vaganos Age: How Old Is New Molly Recast?

As of 2023, Kristen Vaganos, the talented actor who recently took on the role of Molly in the long-running soap opera “GENERAL HOSPITAL,” is 27 years old; she was born on May 7, 1996, in the United States.

This casting change marked the third recasting of the character Molly since May, bringing a fresh and youthful energy to the role.

Kristen’s relatively young age brings a contemporary perspective to her portrayal of Molly Lansing-Davis, a character who has been a part of “GENERAL HOSPITAL” since her introduction in 2005.

Kristen Vaganos Wikipedia
Kristen Vaganos, the new Molly on “GENERAL HOSPITAL,” is 27 in 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

The character’s journey has seen her grow from a child to a young adult, and Kristen’s casting reflects the evolving nature of the show’s storyline.

However, casting challenges arose when Brooke Anne Smith, an actress in her late 30s, was introduced as a “permanent” replacement for the character.

This sparked controversy among viewers who felt that the age gap did not align with Molly’s character development.

Fans of “GENERAL HOSPITAL” are eager to see how Kristen Vaganos, at 27 years old, will bring a new dimension to Molly Lansing-Davis as the character’s story continues to unfold.

Her youthful energy and acting skills promise an exciting journey for viewers and the soap opera’s devoted audience.

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