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Kristen Welker illness: People following Welker from NBC are curious regarding her health and illness as the journalist has shed some weight.

The name of the NBC journalist is all over the mainstream media, not only due to her health reasons but also because she will now host Meet the Press.

Kristen Welker, the co-chief White House correspondent for NBC News, has been announced as the successor to Chuck Todd as the host of the aforementioned show.

Todd, who has hosted the public affairs talk show for nine years, shared the news during a broadcast on Sunday.

Chuck expressed pride in his and his team’s work and stated how he enjoyed bridging the gap between Washington and the American public. 

While Todd will be stepping down as the host of “Meet the Press,” he will continue his association with NBC in a new role as the network’s chief political analyst.

In this capacity, he will provide analysis and commentary in the field and during coverage of significant events.

Meanwhile, with Kristen, audiences can now anticipate a commitment to fairness, her bringing incisive questioning and dedication to informing the public.

Welker has a background in covering the White House and a proven journalist track record.

She is, therefore, well-positioned to guide the program and maintain its prominence in the political media landscape.

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Kristen Welker Illness And Health 2023

Kristen Welker has not been known to face any health issues or illness in 2023. The female journalist is set to step into the “Meet the Press” host role.

With this news, viewers are hopeful they can expect a fresh perspective and insightful interviews.

As the co-chief White House correspondent for NBC News, Welker has a wealth of experience covering political events and developments.

Her expertise and journalistic acumen make her a solid choice to continue the legacy of “Meet the Press” as a big platform for in-depth discussions on public affairs.

Kristen Welker has a proven track record as a journalist
Kristen Welker has a proven track record as a journalist (Source: Glamour)

Concerning her health challenges, Kristen Welker of NBC has openly discussed her infertility experiences and surrogacy journey.

Following her marriage to John Hughes in 2017, Welker and her husband began trying to conceive a child.

However, they sought assistance from medical professionals when they faced difficulties in achieving pregnancy.

In 2019, Welker and Hughes were connected with a surrogate, and on June 12, they joyfully welcomed their daughter, Margot Lane Welker Hughes.

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Kristen Welker Weight Loss Journey

There has been speculation surrounding Kristen Welker of NBC regarding her weight loss and potential plastic surgeries.

These rumors first emerged in 2021 and have continued for two years, suggesting that she has undergone modifications based on changes observed in her photos.

However, there is currently no confirmed news or evidence to support the claims that she has undergone surgical procedures to enhance her appearance.

Kristen Welker married John Hughes in 2017 and has a daughter by surrogacy
Kristen Welker married John Hughes in 2017 and has a daughter by surrogacy (Source: TODAY)

In terms of maintaining a healthy and fit body, Kristen reportedly strives for a balanced diet and may keep track of her food intake.

She also mentioned incorporating exercise into her routine to stay in good shape and promote overall wellness.

Looking back at recent news, Welker becomes part of a distinguished lineage of “Meet the Press” hosts, joining the likes of Tim Russert.

Kristen is also the first Black journalist to assume this role and the second woman to host the show, following its first host, Martha Rountree.

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