Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide

Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide or ******? NJ Father allegedly kills his wife and two kids at home.

According to investigators, a guy fatally shot his wife, their two children, and then himself at their New Jersey home over the weekend. The family of four perished as a result.

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According to the Linden Police Department, Krzysztof Nieroda, 41, is suspected of ******** his wife, Justyna Nieroda, 41, and their two children, Sebastian and Natalie, both 14 and 13, at their Linden home early on Sunday morning.

According to authorities, Krzysztof Nieroda then dialled a family member and informed them that he had shot and killed his wife and children before ******** himself in the head.

When police arrived at the residence at 9:30 am, they discovered the ****** weapon in his hand. Be with us until the end for more details on Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide or ******.

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Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide Or ******

After a horrific incident in New Jersey, new information has come to light. According to the Police, a guy fatally shot his wife and two children before committing suicide.

CBS2 is aware of who the victims are. A memorial for the four family members is developing on their front lawn. Middle school pupils and instructors from the kids’ school showed there to pay their respects.

Natalie Nieroda, 13, and Sebastian Nieroda, 14, want to be remembered by the pictures that their seventh- and eighth-grade classmates have taken of them.

Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide
Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide or ******? (Source: New York Post)

Sebastian Nieroda’s friends rode their bicycles to his Chatham Place residence to commemorate the team rides they went on together. They claimed he enjoyed both soccer and video games.

According to the Union County prosecutor, their Father, Krzysztof Nieroda, 41, fatally shot his wife, Justyna, 41, and the two children.

The Father allegedly called a family member, confessed what he had done, and then shot himself in the head.

Krzysztof Nieroda Shot Himself After Killing His Wife And Two Children

By 9:30 a.m., when authorities arrived, the father, according to Police, was discovered dead holding the weapon. His wife and daughter were also declared dead.

Sebastian Nieroda was discovered conscious and grave but eventually passed away at a hospital.

One of the neighbours recently spoke with the Father about a planned operation and home modifications.

Anthony Bayete remarked, “As always, relaxed, laid back.”

Leszek Daszykowski remarked, “He was an electrician.” Friends reported that his business was doing well.

Krzysztof Nieroda Suicide
Linden Father kills his wife and 2 children in an apparent ******-suicide. (Source: New York Post)

Friends claim that the wife was a home-based hair stylist. Danuta Daszykowski recalled going to her House to get her to do her hair while the kids were laughing.

They enjoy going camping, skiing, and riding quads, Leslie Daszykowski said. “Here in town, we’re pretty upset. It’s pretty upsetting, “Derek Armstead, mayor of Linden, remarked.

“She had a good heart and could relate to everybody. She seemed like a decent person. I don’t see why anyone would harm her in this way. “As for Natalia Nieroda, Ruvinho stated.

According to the mayor, more grief counsellors will be present at the middle school on Tuesday to support students as they attempt to digest this tragedy.

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