Kumail Nanjiani Surgery

Kumail Nanjiani has been in the best shape since his jaw-dropping transformation for the role in Eternals. However, social media users have accused the Silicon Valley star of taking steroids and having plastic surgery.

Kumail Nanjiani is a talented Actor, comedian, and screenwriter. The Pakistani-American celebrity has accomplished an illustrious career in the American film industry.

The Pakistan native started his career in 2008 and has worked in numerous hit movies and TV series.

He is widely recognized for working on the HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, The Big Sick, Life as We Know It, Stuber, The Lego Ninjago Movie, and many more.

As for his marital life, Kumail is happily married to the writer, producer, and podcast host Emily V Gordon. They have not welcomed any kids yet.

There has been a buzz about Nanjiani’s body transformation. People ask if the Actor underwent surgery or other cosmetic procedures to achieve his current physique.

In today’s article, let’s find out if he worked hard to achieve his current shape or underwent surgery.

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Kumail Nanjiani Surgery: Did He Underwent Surgery For Body Transformation? Before And After Photos

Kumail Nanjiani’s surgery rumors are just groundless talks. The Actor has never undergone any surgery to achieve his muscular body.

In contrast, he worked hard, got help from a professional team, and achieved the body.

In 2019, the Pakistani-American Actor shocked the public after showcasing his impressive physique in preparation for his role as Kingo in the movie Eternals.

Kumail Nanjiani Surgery
Kumail Nanjiani body transformation – before and after. (Image Source: Screengeek and Instagram)

His fans couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by how great he looked. While sharing his new self, The Big Sick star humbly shared how he achieved the superhero body.

In an Instagram post, he disclosed that he got help from a professional team who supported him with every step of the nutrition plan and training.

The star admitted that otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve the masculine physique just within a year.

In a conversation, one of Kumail Nanjiani’s trainers spoke about his working experience with the Eternals Actor.

Robert said it was great working with Kumail and his biggest strength was his complete desire to build a superhero body. He was willing to push himself constantly, the trainer added.

Is Kumail Nanjiani Facing Backlash For Being Jacked?

The Silicon Valley Actor shared a picture of himself in early 2021. In the snap, he wore a tight, long-sleeved shirt showcasing his bulging biceps.

It spurred quick backlash, with Twitter users accusing The Big Sick Actor of taking steroids or having plastic surgery. He has not made any comments on the negative replies.

As reported by USA Today, experts claim that systematic racism and an incorrect definition of masculinity are to blame for the outcry over the Actor’s chiseled figure.

Kumail Nanjiani Surgery
Kumail Nanjiani with his wife, Emily V Gordon, at the Eternals’ premiere. (Image Source: Instagram)

People are less likely to criticize when a white male celebrity bulks up and more likely to become thirsty.

“Body Shaming Kumail Nanjiani for being jacked? It is way weird,” one Twitter user expressed disappointment over the backlash.

The user further added it is weird, mainly due to all the Chris’ (sic) having done the same super soldier program. They never got any flack for it; the user wondered what the difference was.

The National Eating Disorders Association’s manager of communications, Chelsea Kronengold, told the publication, “when in doubt, people should mind their own business.

To conclude, the Actor worked hard to achieve an impressive physique and didn’t take steroids or have plastic surgery.

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