Kurt Boldridge Murder

Lisa Boldridge is the suspect in her ex-husband’s ******. This article will discuss Kurt Boldridge ****** update.

The new episode of Snapped features Kurt Boldridge and Lisa Boldridge’s love story until things worsen and one gets killed. 

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An all-new Snapped episode, which airs on Oxygen on Sundays, revealed how a cruel deception led to a tragic *****.

This true-crime reality show looks at a different felon, typically a female, who has done ****** or attempted ****** in each episode. Typically, the perpetrator’s spouse is the victim.

In the documentary-style series, friends and relatives of the accused and victims and law enforcement officers, lawyers, and others with firsthand knowledge of the cases are interviewed.

Kurt Boldridge ****** Update

According to Snapped’s official site, Kurt Boldridge was murdered at his home in March 2000. Boldridge supposedly went on a fishing trip but didn’t return home for a week.

So when Kurt’s mother called 911 and reported that she hadn’t heard from him after he was meant to have returned from a fishing trip, Atchison County deputies were dispatched to the residence.

Deputies went to his home to check on his welfare. When they broke down the locked door, they were instantly overcome by a foul smell.

Kurt Boldridge ****** prime suspect
Kurt Boldridge ****** prime suspect Lisa Boldridge. (Source: Oxygen)

Deputies investigated the smell and found Kurt’s corpse after removing the comforter from the bed in the bedroom.

Former KBI Senior Special Agent Timothy Dennis told Snapped that it seemed consistent with a body that had been in that location for anywhere between a week and ten days.

Blood splatter was discovered on the bed. Dennis thought Boldridge had been struck in the side of the head, nearly to contact.

There were no indications of a fight or a break-in at the House. When the members of Kurt’s family heard about Kurt Boldridge ******, they concurred that only one suspect existed.

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Kurt Boldridge ****** Prime Suspect Lisa Boldridge: Where Is She Now?

Lisa Boldridge is currently serving her sentence in prison. Although Lisa denied the charges, she was arrested for first-degree ******.

Lisa asserted that she had no part in Kurt’s ****** and that Kirk Wilson had informed her that Kurt had died, probably from a shotgun wound.

Kurt’s family members also suspected Lisa to be the prime suspect. When Kurt’s brother, Jeff Boldridge, heard about his ******, there was only one person he could think about.

Kurt Boldridge ****** Suspect
Lisa Boldridge and her defense attorney ready to find out her new sentence in relation to the homicide of Kurt Boldridge in 2000. (Source: Atchison Globe)

They appeared content, but their claws and horns protruded as soon as they separated. You wouldn’t recognize her as the same individual you had previously seen.

Police were informed right away by family members that Lisa Boldridge had been behaving criminally and destructively toward Kurt for years, including breaking the windows of his vehicle.

Lisa allegedly set fire to Kurt’s house twice, once in August 1995 and once in September 1995, with the second fire nearly entirely consuming the building, according to Brandi Boldridge, Kurt’s daughter.

On the day Kurt was discovered by Police, a nurse at Atchison Hospital told authorities she received a call from Lisa asking to talk to her sister, who worked there.

She then informed the nurse that authorities had just discovered her ex-husband dead.

Dennis said she was commenting on what occurred, where he was shot, and where he was in the house, before they knew.

And so they quickly realized Lisa Boldridge knew something about this ******.

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