Kyle Mullen

Kyle Mullen was 24 years old former team captain of Yale Bulldogs football. Meet Kyle Mullen parents, Regina Mullen and Father. 

Kyle Mullen was the former Yale Bulldogs football team captain listed in the U.S. Navy. He passed away at 24 during a “Hell Week” portion of Navy SEAL training.

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Kyle was positioned as the star defensive lineman and tight end on his high school football team. And he also received regional all-star and conference Defensive Player of the Year honors. 

Apart from that, Mullen was a starter on the school’s basketball team, and he was expected to be something great for the country as Mullen has that potential and sportsmanship. 

In the 2018 season, he was elected as the team’s captain and a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity member. 

Navy SEALs Kyle Mullen Parents: Mother Regina Mullen And Father

Navy Seals Kyle Mullen’s parents, especially his mother Regina Mullen raised him in Manalapan Township, New Jersey. Kyle had a close bond with his mom, and when she heard the news of their son’s *****, they were shocked.

Kyle’s mother, Regina, has openly discussed the incident with the media. Two months after her son’s *****, Regina broke her silence, saying she wanted to prevent another family from facing the same type of tragedy.

Kyle Mullen Parents
Kyle Mullen’s mother, Regina Mullen. (Source: New York Post)

After completing a hell week of training, Kyle had texted Regina to know the happy news. Immediately, Regina called her son, and they had a short chat.

But Regina was worried and texted her son again immediately after the call. However, Regina was not able to reach her son. For your information, Kyle’s mother is a nurse by profession.

Due to that, Regina said that she knew something wasn’t well when she talked to her son. Furthermore, Mullen believes her son was abandoned when he was most in need.

At the time of Kyle’s *****, she was in another city but flew out to California.

Likewise, Regina has been a guest in some shows where she has talked about her son making it clear that she still mourns the loss of her beloved kid.

Kyle Mullen Family Details Explored

Kyle Mullen was raised in a sound family by his single mother. The New York Post has mentioned that Mullen was raised by a single mother, making it clear that his parents separated.

Apart from that, Kyle was not the only kid of his parents as he grew up with his older brother, TJ. Kyle was the younger of two kids. According to a report, TJ works in finance and resides in Florida.

The Mullen brothers had a good relationship, and when TJ knew about his brother’s *****, he was completely devasted. Furthermore, Kyle’s funeral services were organized at St. Thomas More Roman Catholic Church.

Kyle Mullen
Old photo of Kyle Mullen and his mother. (Source: Fox News)

During that time, TJ talked about his little brother, saying that Kyle was twice his size and larger than life. He even recalled the moments when they played Sharks and Minnows, baseball, and other games.

In the same way, TJ went on to reveal that Kyle did not have any regrets while joining the Navy. So, this makes it clear that Kyle was close to his family members. Meanwhile, there is very little info about his father.

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Kyle Mullen Cause Of *****

Kyle Mullen was in his mid-20s when he passed with the dream of becoming a SEAL. After completing their Hell Week, he and the trainees were sent to their barracks to recover. 

Kyle Mullen
CBS News tweeting about Kyle Mullen’s ***** on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

According to a Navy investigation, the cause of Mullen’s ***** is reported as pneumonia. On the other hand, many sources added that Kyle died of cardiac arrest.

Mullen falls under the records of 11 men to have died in SEALs training since 1953. 

Following Mullen’s *****, several syringes were discovered in his car, used for performance-enhancing; however, a toxicology report revealed no drugs were found in Mullen’s system. 

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