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Kylie Pentelow baby news is trending on the internet, and it all started when the news of the ITV News anchor’s departure from the station was shared.

Kylie Pentelow is a prominent British television presenter and journalist known for her work in the field of news broadcasting. She is mainly known for her work at ITV News.

Furthermore, Kylie shot to fame for her role as a presenter on ITV West Country, where she delivered news and covered various events in the South West of England. 

Meanwhile, Kylie’s career in this field started when she began working as a reporter for the Bath Chronicle. Gradually, her professional career started to rise, and she later served in various stations.

Apart from that, Pentelow is currently in the media prominence as the news of her departure has raised many questions on the internet.

Kylie Pentelow Baby News Goes Viral

Kylie Pentelow baby news has gone viral on the internet, and it all started when the news of her departure from ITV News was shared recently.

Not to mention, Pentelow served at ITV News West Country for a long time, and recently, the news of her departure from the station was posted, leaving everyone shocked.

Kylie Pentelow Baby News
Kylie Pentelow baby news has gone viral on the internet, but she is not pregnant. ( Source: Instagram )

Her fans and followers were sad about Kylie’s exit from ITV, and many people are sharing their thoughts regarding this matter. In the same way, some people speculated that Pentelow may have left the station after expecting a baby.

However, there is no truth about it, but the social media handles and many people are making assumptions related to Pentelow’s pregnancy.

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Is ITV News Anchor Kylie Pentelow Pregnant?

No, there are no records of ITV News anchor Kylie Pentelow being pregnant or expecting a child now. The renowned television presenter has not said anything about her personal matters yet.

So, it can be said that the rumors of her pregnancy came into the media after people started making assumptions when Kylie shared that she was leaving ITV News.

Kylie Pentelow Pregnant
Kylie Pentelow pregnancy rumors have left her followers confused, but there is no truth about it. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from that, Pentelow is married to her beloved husband, YouTuber and podcaster Brady Haran. They have been together for a long time and have also started a family of their own.

Pentelow and her husband are the proud parents of a son named Edward. Kylie is active on Instagram, and she has shared many images with her child.

What Is Kylie Pentelow Doing Now?

Following Kylie Pentelow’s exit from ITV News, many questions about her personal and professional life have been raised on the internet. People want to know about her next move after going away from ITV News.

Not to mention, Pentelow began at the studios in July 2013 and has been a constant on our screens ever since. Now, she has left the station, and Kylie also shared her farewell on her social media handles.

Kylie Pentelow Doing Now
Kylie Pentelow is leaving ITV News. ( Source: Instagram )

While sharing the post, she wrote, “And that’s a wrap! Thanks to the brilliant team at ITV West Country. What a ride it’s been. And apparently, the article about me leaving is the most viewed on the ITV News website! Crazy.”

As of now, no more details about Pentelow’s next job have been shared, but they will be updated in the future. 

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