Kylis Fagbemi And Aaliyah Gonzales

The tragic loss of Kylis Fagbemi and Aaliyah Gonzales in the Baltimore mass shooting has left the community devastated and in mourning.

In a tragic incident that shocked the community, a mass shooting occurred in Baltimore’s Brooklyn neighborhood, leaving two people dead and 15 minors injured. 

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The incident occurred during an unpermitted neighborhood block party, where at least two suspects opened Fire on a group of people. 

As the investigation continues, authorities are seeking information and have offered a reward for any leads that may lead to the arrest of the suspects. 

The incident has raised concerns about public safety and the need for comprehensive measures to address gun violence in the city.

Who Were Kylis Fagbemi And Aaliyah Gonzales?

Kylis Fagbemi and Aaliyah Gonzales were two young individuals whose lives were tragically taken during the mass shooting in Baltimore’s Brooklyn neighborhood. 

Mass shooting
This tweet is about new surveillance video that has been obtained, showing a chaotic scene in Brooklyn, Maryland. (Source: Twitter)

They were both vibrant community members with dreams and aspirations for the future.

Kylis Fagbemi, a 20-year-old, had a promising life ahead of him. He was likely full of hopes, dreams, and ambitions that were abruptly cut short by this act of violence. 

Aaliyah Gonzales, an 18-year-old, was also a victim of this senseless act of violence. Like Kylis, Aaliyah had her whole life ahead of her and was undoubtedly filled with dreams and aspirations. 

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While further information about Aaliyah’s life and accomplishments is not provided, it is evident that she was loved and cherished by those around her. 

Baltimore Mass Shooting: What Happened?

The mass shooting unfolded during an unpermitted neighborhood block party in the Brooklyn community of South Baltimore. 

The Baltimore Police, Mayor Scott, and the Mayors Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement are providing information regarding the incident. (Source: Twitter)

As the gathering progressed, chaos erupted when at least two suspects opened Fire on the crowd, indiscriminately shooting into the group of people. 

The incident took place in the 800 block of Gretna Court, where many individuals were present, enjoying what should have been a festive and safe event.

According to the Baltimore Police, 30 people aged 13 to 32 years old were shot during the incident. Shockingly, 15 minors, all under the age of 18, were among those injured. 

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The severity of the injuries varied, with three victims reported to be in critical condition. Tragically, both Kylis Fagbemi and Aaliyah Gonzales succumbed to their injuries, leaving their loved ones devastated.

Message From The Mayor To Suspect

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Baltimore’s Brooklyn community, Mayor Brandon Scott addressed the media at the crime scene. 

Standing amid the tragedy, he conveyed a strong message to the individuals responsible for the senseless act of violence.

Mayor Scott labeled the incident a reckless and careless act with devastating consequences, resulting in the loss of two lives and permanently altering many others. 

With determination in his voice, he made it clear that the city would not rest until the perpetrators were brought to justice. The mayor’s message was direct and unwavering: “We will not stop until we find you, and we will find you.”

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As the community mourns the loss and deals with the aftermath of the shooting, the mayor’s commitment to seeking justice reassures residents. It reinforces the city’s dedication to maintaining public safety.

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