Lani Pallister mother and coach Janelle Pallister

All competitive sports fans want to know who is Lani Pallister Father and Mother. Please, be with us to learn more about her family and net worth. 

New competitive swimming champion Lani Pallister rose to fame after participating in several swimming competitions at seven. She appeared in the Commonwealth games in 2022.

The young swimmer represents Australia and brought home three gold medals in the Commonwealth games, setting a world record in only two days.

Despite her heart problems and eating disorder in 2021, Pallister, 20, dominated in the pool at the world championships in 2022. She won the world short course 400m and 800m freestyle.

Also, she set a 4x200m freestyle relay world record. 

Moreover, the young Australian golden swimmer can perform many strokes, such as butterfly, freestyle, and backstroke. The butterfly specialist is on her way to becoming a new face of Australia.

Now, turning our heads to learn more about her parents, family, and net worth.

Present some exciting facts about the young record-holding Australian swimmer — Lani Pallister feels proud to be a daughter of Janelle Pallister and follows in her footsteps. 

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Meet Lani Pallister Father And Mother

Young swimming champion Lani Pallister was born in Sydney, Australia, on 6 June 2002. The young golden girl in the pool was taken to her parents, Janelle Pallister (mother) and Rick Pallister (Father).

Lani came into the spotlight after participating and winning big in the recent Common Wealth games.

Pallister’s parents admitted her to Griffith University. Her mother and Michael Bohl coached Lani to become a better swimmer. 

Lani’s mother, Janelle Pallister, needs no introduction as she was a former Olympic swimmer and Commonwealth gold medalist. The pro swimmer is now a proud coach to her daughter.

Lani Pallister mother Janelle Pallister
Lani Pallister’s mother, Janelle Pallister, is her first coach. (Source: The Australian)

Speaking of her mother, Janelle, the first swimming coach to her daughter, said:

I coached her by accident and I had no ambitions of being a coach. A tiny speck of sand kept me going and it became bigger and bigger.

I do want to see Lani becoming an Olympian one day. It’s up to her whether it would be next year or in 3 years [Paris 2024].

Certainly, it was a proud moment for the mother-and-daughter duo when Lani set the records and won the gold medals in Commonwealth Games.

Yes, she spent her childhood learning at the pool with her mother. Janelle has more ambitions and plans for her daughter.

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Lani Pallister’s Family 

Excellent young Australian talent Lani Pallister has a sweet family. She followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a professional swimmer.

Talking about her family members, she lives with her mother. Janelle Pallister coaches her daughter with Michael Bohl at Griffith University.

Also, her mother, Janelle, the 1990 Commonwealth gold medalist, guided her to become a swimmer. 

Lani grabbed all her family’s attention after winning big at the recent Commonwealth Games. The young swimmer said:

I cannot describe in words that how pleased I am to get this win out of the way. More than that, my parents were in the stands.

Winning this first medal in front of Australia’s home crowd is special. 

Moreover, her mother suggested switching the swimming club to Griffith University to boost her professional swimming career.

Net Worth Of Lani Pallister 

Young Australian competitive swimmer Lani Pallister is a young record holder in two sports. She holds a world record in swimming the 4*200 meter short course freestyle relay. 

Lani Pallister’s net worth is a big query as of this writing. Australia’s new golden girl has kept her lip shut about her fortune. 

Lani Pallister win Commonwealth Games
Lani Pallister is happy after coming first at Commonwealth Games. (Source: 7 News)

As a passionate young swimmer, she might receive a decent salary as a sportsman.

Moreover, the Australian government might reward her if she wins the international championship title.

Also, Pallister could earn from sponsorship and advertisement via her social media platforms. 

Lani, 20, has achieved so much already and successfully written her name into the record books. She is officially considered Australia’s new golden girl of the pool. 

Pallister started her swimming career at just seven years of age. At eleven, she participated in 100m and won her first bronze medal. 

She is the new face of Australia with so much more to give. Looks like the excellent young swimmer will offer more in the coming days.

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