Lanre Shittu

One of the successful vehicle dealers, Lanre Shittu, died at the age of 65. Netiezens are captivated to know Lanre Shittu wife. How many kids did the late businessman have?

Lanre Shittu was a renowned auto tycoon and socialite whose birth name was Alhaji Lanre Shittu. Further, Lanre was the Founder/Chairman of Lanre Shittu Motors

The Vehicle dealer has become a media concern after his death news was announced yesterday. Lanre’s death was a harsh shock to his friends and family when the news broke online.

Shittu was one of the prominent businessmen and Auto dealers who died. Since his initial business career, he was always a happy-natured person dedicated to his work and profession. 

Additionally, Lanre was survived by his family, including his wife, children and grandchildren. So, today we will discuss the wife and married life of the late Shittu. 

Who Is Lanre Shittu Wife Ebunoluwa Bankole?

Ebunoluwa Bankole is famously known as the partner of the late renowned auto tycoon Lanre Shittu. After the death of Lanre, there have been hundreds of questions about his wife and married life. 

So, as we know, Lanre was a married man, and his family survived him. Nevertheless, this is reported that Lanre was twice married. 

Shittu was married to his first wife, Alhaja Wuraola Shittu, who lost her at a London hospital over the weekend. However, there have been no details of Lanre having any kids with his first wife, Alhaja.

Shittu never married his second wife, Ebunoluwa Bankole. The sources claimed that the duo only had a romantic relationship, but the information about their wedding is still missing. 

Ebunoluwa, on the other hand, was the wife of a bank manager Owolabi Bankole was reported to work with the Ota branch of Zenith Bank.

Lanre Shittu
Lanre Shittu at his work. (Source: Twitter)

So, Ebun and Owolabi married in early 2000 and had a child. However, after starting her relationship with the Lanre, she levied the Owolabi’s house and packed all her belonging in their Ota matrimonial home.

Ebunoluwa and Lanre started living in a Lekki apartment. Edun and Lanre met through Ebun through one of her daughters. 

Lanre Shittu was officially married to his first wife and then had a relationship with Ebunoluwa despite the fact she was married, although, this is believed that he had more than four wives. 

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Details On Lanre Shittu Family And Kids

Lanre Shittu was a family man who lived with his family at his death. Shittu was born in 1958 to his late parents, K. A and Mojisola Shittu of lkorodu.

The late Lagos State, Lanre was the first son of his mother and the fourth child of his father. He grew up in a large family and attended schools in Lagos and Ogun. 

There is nothing much to know about his kids at the moment; yet, we have no clue how many kids he had, and their names are also missing from the sources. 

His father also worked in the automobile business, so Lanre was inspired to pursue his career in the vocation since he was young. 

Lanre Shittu Cause of Death

Lanre Shittu was a prominent businessman who started his automobile business on March 31, 1981. His sudden death saddened his family and loved ones. 

The sources revealed, Shittu was battling diabetes before he eventually surrendered to his other underlying conditions. No other causes have been revealed so far; however, he might also have other health problems. 

Lanre Shittu
Fans’ tweets about Lanre Shittu’s death. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Shittu’s funeral was attended by notable personalities, including former Senate President Bukola Saraki and his wife, Toyin. 

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