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People want to know more about Las Vegas Flag Football Death as Ashari Hughes was a 16-year-old girl who sadly passed away after collapsing during a sports event.

According to a message given to families, a 16-year-old girl in Las Vegas passed away after “having a medical incident during an athletic event on Thursday,” according to KSNV, the N.B.C. affiliate in Las Vegas.

The Clark County Coroner’s office told KSNV that the cause of her death were still under investigation as of Friday.

Before the arrival of paramedics, the student received medical care from staff members at Desert Oasis High School, according to Ian Salzman, the school’s principal, according to KSVN.

To raise money for her funeral, Ashari’s family set up a GoFundMe and provided some information about the adolescent.

Her GoFundMe page describes her as passionate, compassionate, and determined. She adored dancing, singing, and spending time with her loved ones.

She referred to football as her true love in life. She had a strong affection for many people. We all miss her and will miss her.

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Las Vegas Flag Football Death: Was Ashari Hughes Vaccinated? 

Ashari Hughes, a 16-year-old student, has been identified as the offender. According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, the medical emergency happened on January 5 during a flag football game.

Sadly, no information on her vaccination was made accessible to the public. Therefore, when this article was written, no reliable information was available.

According to the newspaper, Hughes reportedly passed out during her team’s game versus Valley High School at home. Ashari Hughes was rushed to the hospital, where she passed away that evening.

The reason and manner of death for a 16-year-old who passed away following a flag football game in Las Vegas were disclosed by the Clark County Coroner’s Office.

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Ashari Hughes’s GoFundMe page for her funeral. (Source: 3 News)

According to the coroner’s office, Ashari Hughes passed away due to an abnormal right coronary artery originating from Valsalva’s left coronary sinus. Her demise was characterized as natural.

On January 5, Hughes was participating in flag football for Desert Oasis High School when she suddenly passed out and had to be transported to the hospital. Soon after, she passed away. Before passing, her parents claimed she was experiencing cardiac issues but had not yet received a formal diagnosis.

The National Library of Medicine listed Hughes’ cause of death as a “rare congenital anomaly” that accounts for less than 3% of coronary malformations.

Patients with this condition may experience symptoms including myocardial ischemia, reduced blood flow, arrhythmias, or sudden cardiac death, according to a journal article from 2016. (S.C.D.).

The journal added that angiography could detect the issue, and surgery is often advised as a treatment option.

Las Vegas Flag Football Death: Ashari Hughes Death And Obituary

In a letter to the parents of the pupils at the school, Salzman said, “Tremendous resiliency and compassion was on the full show Friday throughout the campus as instructors, staff members, students, and parents tried to help each other working through emotions.”

“Students and staff can expect a range of emotions and feelings in the upcoming weeks. I want to take this opportunity to urge everyone to be patient and kind to people who are grieving.

Las Vegas Flag Football Death
Las Vegas Flag Football Death: Ashari Hughes passsed away due to sudden cardiac death (SCD). (Source: Fox 5 Vegas)

Staff members, including school counselors, are available to help anyone who needs someone to talk to.”

The following day following the medical episode, Desert Oasis postponed all sporting events.

Hughes will be remembered in two vigils this week: One on Monday at Centennial High School and one on Wednesday at Desert Oasis High School.

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