Latoya Edwards Weight Loss

Latoya Edwards’ weight loss has been trending worldwide. According to Boston Magazine, people want to know about one of the most influential Bostonians.

Layota Edwards, an Emmy Award-winning anchor at NBC10 Boston and NECN, has gained widespread recognition in Boston.

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Mrs. Edwards joined the NBC10 Boston and NECN team in 2005 as a morning reporter, leaving her previous role as a weekday anchor at WWLP-22 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Hailing from Dorchester, Layota holds a broadcast journalism degree from Emerson College. Also, she is a former Miss Massachusetts pageant winner.

Mrs. Layota started her career as a news writer for WBZ 1030-AM radio and later moved to broadcast television.

Known for her trustworthiness and leadership, Edwards connects with her audience and community by attentively listening and speaking about significant issues.

Latoya Edwards Weight Loss: Photo Before and After

Latoya Edwards, an American journalist, possesses an appealing appearance. She also has a well-proportioned physique, prompting people to ask about her weight loss journey.

Nevertheless, the Emmy-winning journalist has not mentioned losing weight in the media.

Renowned for Latoya’s insightful blog writing, she published an article in December last year.

Mrs. Edwards addressed the issue of high-calorie holiday foods to steer clear of her news article.

Latoya Edwards Weight Loss
While Latoya Edwards has not disclosed her physique transformation, the journalist has a striking appearance (Source: Facebook)

Edwards provided a selection of high-calorie foods to avoid, including Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes with Giblet Gravy, stuffing, and eggnog.

She acknowledged that this list is not exhaustive but instead focuses on some of the main culprits.

“Within the article, Latoya emphasized that while some individuals can indulge in a few days of holiday extravagance. It is not the same for those battling chronic illnesses or aiming to shed weight.”

Furthermore, Edwards emphasized that it is genuinely in the best interest of individuals. Those who aim to lose weight or control conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Regarding Latoya’s weight loss, the journalist possesses an attractive stature. She is renowned for having an hourglass figure, which does not require significant alteration.

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Latoya Edwards Career Growth So Far! 

Rather than searching for Latoya Edward’s physique transformation, people should be more enthusiastic about her career growth.

Being an accomplished American news anchor, Edwards is honored to receive an Emmy Award.

Edwards is currently affiliated with NBC 10 Boston and NECN. Also, she co-anchors the NBC 10 Boston newscasts alongside John Daly.

Moreover, she occasionally teamed up with seasoned anchor Mike Nikitas.

Mrs. Edwards graduated with a magna cum laude honor from Emerson College. She also taught courses at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Latoya Edwards weight loss
The Emmy-winning journalist Latoya Edwards is one of the most influential Bostonians, as declared by Boston Magazine (Source: The Famous Info)

Raised in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, the professional broadcaster has three siblings. She has also successfully maintained her personal life close to herself only.

While details about Latoya’s parents remain a mystery, she is happily married to her longtime partner, Jesse Edwards. Moreover, they have a beautiful daughter, Nina.

Mrs. Edwards holds a deep affection for her family and cherishes moments spent with them. In her spare time, she finds joy in volunteering with youth groups.

Latoya began her broadcasting career as a radio writer at WBZ 1030-AM. She then served as a news reporter at Fox TV.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Edwards maintains an active presence on social media, boasting a Twitter following of over 6k, 1k followers on Instagram, and 5k on her Facebook page.

Throughout her journalism career, Latoya worked in various positions. She did health reporting, weekend anchoring, and emcee various charitable events. Finally, she showcased her versatile skills.

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