Laurence Fox

Is Laurence Fox Gay? The topic of Fox’s sexuality is among people’s minds, and everyone wants to know the truth, which has been shared in this writing.

Laurence Fox is a British actor and musician who is known for his role as DI James Hathaway in the TV series Lewis. He is also famous for appearing in various films, including Becoming Jane.

Beyond his acting career, Fox has attracted attention for his outspoken political and social commentary. Besides, he presents a regular Friday night slot on GB News.

He is currently making headlines after getting suspended from GB News after he refused to apologize for saying about a female journalist live on air, “Show me a self-respecting man that would like to climb into bed with that.”

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Is Laurence Fox Gay? Sexuality Explored

No, Laurence Fox is not gay, but the rumors have remained in the limelight for a long time. There is no fact news about Fox being gay. So, it can be confirmed that he is a straight man.

In the past, Fox was married, which also makes clear that he is straight. Apart from that, Fox has not said anything about the ongoing rumors about his sexuality.

Laurence Fox Gay
Laurence Fox shared a video on social media which dragged him into the controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, Fox shared a video of himself burning a string of LGBTQIA+ Progress Pride flags in a backyard. He called it child mutilation bunting. The video was posted in June 2023.

After that, people shared their thoughts, and Laurence also received hate from many people. One of them commented, “Every gay I know hates that flag.”

Due to his action, the rumors of Fox’s sexuality may have escalated on the internet sources.

Laurence Fox And Billie Piper Married Life

Laurence Fox and Billie Piper were married from 2007 to 2016. The couple’s relationship began when they met while working together on the set of the play Treats in 2006. 

Furthermore, the duo got engaged after a few months of dating and subsequently tied the knot on December 31, 2007, in a low-key ceremony in West Sussex, England.

Laurence Fox Wife
Laurence Fox was married to his wife Billie Piper with whom he had two kids. (Source: The Mirror)

During their marriage, Laurence Fox and Billie Piper had two children together, a son named Winston James Fox, born in 2008, and another son named Eugene Pip Fox, born in 2012.

Furthermore, Fox has also shared snaps with his sons on his Instagram account, where he can be followed as @lozzafox1.

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Reason Behind Laurence Fox Divorce With Wife Billie Piper

Laurence Fox and his wife Billie Piper were married for some years. Initially, their married life was going well, but later, it began getting sour.

According to a report, the former pair had a volatile marriage over the years.

The actual reason behind their separation remains unclear, but it appears that they had some problems in their relationship.

Laurence Fox Divorce
Laurence Fox and his wife Billie Piper parted in 2016, and the actual reason behind their divorce remains unclear. (Source: The Mirror)

So, Laurence and Billie filed for a divorce in 2016. Fox also talked about his experience in an interview, saying that he had panic attacks for an extended period of time.

After their divorce, Laurence was not dealing with himself and said he couldn’t sleep properly. Currently, he is not involved in any romantic relationship with anyone. 

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