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Leah Messer, a well-known American MTV television personality and social media influencer, is the mother of twins Aliannah and Aleeah and her daughter, Adalynn, from two previous relationships.

TEEN Mom fans think that Leah Messer has dropped a major clue that she is pregnant with her fourth child after getting engaged. 

She gained fame after appearing in the controversial reality television series Teen Mom 2, which premiered on MTV on January 11, 2011.

Leah Messer Twins: Aliannah Simms and Aleeah

Aliannah Hope “Ali” Simms and her twin sister Aleeah Grace Simms were born on December 16, 2009, to Leah Messer and Corey Simms. The twins have a younger sister, Adalynn, born on February 4, 2013, to Leah and Jeremy Calvert.

Leah Messer Twins
Twins Aliannah and Aleeah at the 4th Annual FairyBossMother’s Mentoring Ball
Source: Instagram

Aliannah was born with severe medical challenges, but she is showing improvement. Ali had a rare type of muscular dystrophy previously only identified in adults.

Ali, fortunately, can walk but uses a wheelchair for a long distances. Aleeah supports and helps her twin sister by cheering her up.

Corey proposed to Leah for marriage and tied the knot in 2009. However, due to conflicts, they divorced in 2011. 

Messer’s second partner Jeremy Calvert came into her life. She married him on April 4, 2012, and parted ways in 2015. The couple endured a miscarriage shortly after their wedding.

The television personality is now dating Jaylan Mobley, a US Army officer.

Leah Messer: Is She Pregnant Again?

Teen Mom hasn’t publicly announced that she’s pregnant, but she just gave away a crucial piece of information regarding her hopes to have a child with Jaylan.

She posted adorable pictures of her and her fiancé on her Instagram Stories.

Jaylan Mobley proposing Leah Messer at Coasta Rica in August 2022
Source: Instagram

Jaylan gave Leah a warm gesture in the pictures as he glanced down at her. “Keep staring at me like this, and we are going to have a family of 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10; ugh, I love you,” she wrote as the description for the photo.

When the social media influencer posed in a denim jumpsuit for a new shot last month, she fuelled rumors that she was expecting a baby by hiding her stomach with her arms and leaning forward on her knees. 

Fans have speculated that Messer is expecting her fourth kid as a result of the fact that she confirmed her current relationship with 26-year-old Jaylan Mobley. In August, the former soldier made a proposal, which raised more suspicions.

In an episode of Teen Mom: Next Chapter, the couple discussed the prospect of having more children. I want to have a child, but I’d “prefer” a son.”

Leah responded, “I didn’t plan on having any more kids.” She continued by saying that she is now “open to it” because she and Jaylan have everything together, both financially and emotionally.

Later, the MTV star talked about the possibility of having another child with Jaylan’s sister Jess and her friends. Her friend queries whether she and Jaylan have discussed how raising a Black child will be “different.”

Messer replies, “Oh, absolutely; many things are different. There is a lot that Jay and I get to discuss, and I get to learn.”

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What Does Leah Messer Talks About Her Painful Past?

Leah Messer was born to her parents, Gary Lee Miller and Dawn Spears, on April 24, 1992. Together with Victoria and Isaac Messer, her siblings, she grew up in Elkview, West Virginia.

Leah Messer with her parents and siblings
Source: The Hollywood Gossip

She avoided discussing her upbringing during her participation in TEEN Mom 2. Later, she came forward and shared her harrowing tales on her Instagram account, including her Father’s struggle with opioid use.

She had a difficult upbringing because she experienced both sexual and physical abuse. Leah battled her drug addiction problems.

Furthermore, she attended a rehabilitation facility in June 2015. She was bipolar and received therapy for anxiety and depression.

Messer hid her drug addiction for a long time, but she finally came clean about it in 2018 when she appeared on the Life Reboot podcast.

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