Leah Weber ethnicity

Leah Weber is recognized for her outstanding news delivery skills and acknowledged as the late Dexter Scott King’s wife. Curious about Leah Weber’s ethnicity? Let’s find out.

On January 22nd, 2024, news outlets reported that Leah’s husband, Dexter Scott King, had died at the age of 62.

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Dexter was the son of iconic civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. He passed away after privately battling prostate cancer at his home in Malibu, California.

Dexter Scott King and Leah Weber were married in July of 2013 in an intimate, small ceremony held in California. So, as of January 2024, when Dexter passed, the couple has been married for over 10 years.

Tragically, Dexter’s ***** came just 8 days shy of what would have been his 63rd birthday on January 30th. The loss of her 62-year-old husband to cancer must have profoundly impacted Leah emotionally.

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Leah Weber Ethnicity: Where Is She From?

Although Leah has not revealed her ethnic background publicly, many sources have stated that she shares a mixed ethnicity as an African-American.

In July 2013, Weber tied the knot with her long-term partner, Dexter Scott King, in a private wedding ceremony held in California.

When Dexter and Leah decided to get married, Dexter’s cousin, Isaac Newton Farris Jr., warmly welcomed Leah into the well-known King family.

Leah Weber, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a professional journalist.

Leah Weber ethnicity
The beautiful image of Leah Weber with her husband and other family members (Source: Daily Mail)

She owns and operates a personal website where she regularly posts written blogs covering art-related topics and shares inspirational quotations nearly every day.

Although Leah and Dexter were happily married for well over a decade until his recent passing in 2024, the couple did not have any children together during their relationship.

They enjoyed over 10 years together as a family of two before Dexter’s tragic ***** from prostate cancer at age 62.

The Kings undoubtedly grew to think of Leah as one of their own. She was warmly embraced as Dexter’s wife, with cousins like Isaac expressing how perfectly she complemented the more prominent family.

Though childless, Leah and Dexter appeared to nurture a wonderful marriage until his premature passing at their home in California.

Leah Weber Parents And Age 

Leah Weber was born in 1980, as of now, 2024, 43 years old.

There seems to be a lot of public interest and curiosity around learning more about Leah’s family background and personal life story.

However, Leah has chosen to remain private when providing details about her parents, their history, and other intimate familial relationships.

Leah’s husband, Dexter Scott King, is well-known because his father was the famous Martin Luther King Jr. However, Leah has not shared as much information about her family.

Leah Weber ethnicity
An image of Leah Weber and her late husband, Dexter Scott King (Source: newsunzip)

She has preferred to keep the specifics of her parents’ identities and narratives out of the limelight.

Leah is likely seeking privacy during this challenging time of grieving after losing her husband. She probably wants to shield both herself and her parents, who are mourning the loss of their son-in-law.

Losing a child is incredibly painful for parents, and Leah may be trying to ensure their right to grieve without unwanted public attention.

In short, even though people are curious and information about her late husband’s family is out there, Leah has decided to keep the details about her parents private.

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