Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hee is a well-known South Korean Actress and model. Her physical changes over the decades have caused many wonders about her plastic surgery history. What Is Wrong With her Face?

Da Hee started acting in the early 2000s and has been in several movies and television shows. 

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She also appeared in the 2019 web Drama “Love Alarm.” She is renowned for her acting range and has won praise from critics for her work.

Additionally, Lee appeared in the acclaimed romance comedy The Beauty Inside in 2018. She was paired with Lee Jae-Wook in the romantic Drama Search: WWW in 2019 as one of three female leads.

She and Jang Sung-kyu were both named as hosts for the late-August premiere of the girl group reality series Queendom on July 3.

Not to mention, Lee agreed to a deal with Ghost Studio in November 2022.

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Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery Before And After: What Is Wrong With her Face?

Korean Actress Lee Da Hae stated having plastic surgery to enhance her beauty after years of rumors.

In an interview with Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News,” the Actress, who most recently starred in the Drama “IRIS 2: New Generation,” acknowledged getting cosmetic work done on her face.

Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery
Actress Lee Da Hae has drawn attention for her significantly altered appearance, which is giving her an entirely new vibe (Source: Allkpop)

She said, “I was originally fat. I had some remodeling.”

Similarly, Da Hae, a model, once competed in the Miss Chunghyang 2001 pageant. Her large face, square jaw, and monolid eyes at the time did not meet the high requirements for Korean beauty.

She was regularly made fun of for possessing what internet users thought was an ugly face.

She later turned to plastic surgery, having her eyes enlarged, her nose lifted, her jawline shrunk, and her lips filled up.

Her career also began to advance when her appearance was “improved.” In no time at all, Lee Da Hae was scoring hit after hit and receiving parts in influential films like “My Girl,” “East of Eden,” “IRIS 2,” “Miss Ripley,” and so forth.

Inside Lee Da Hae Family 

Da-Hae was born in South Korea and grew up in Sydney, Australia, with her parents.

She left high school to pursue a career in acting and took first place in the MBC Chun Hyang Pageant in 2001.

Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery
Da-Hae was born in South Korea and grew up in Sydney, Australia, with her parents (Source: Instagram)

She also released musical singles in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Lee participated in the 2002 SBS Super Elite Model Contest [ko], where she placed third when she was 17. 

After then, she began her acting career in supporting roles in movies like Harmony and television dramas like The Legend, Birdie Buddy, and Secret Love.

Lee’s career took off in 2013 after appearing in the well-known courtroom Drama I Can Hear Your Voice. Her next television role was in the 2014 revenge Drama Big Man, in which she also starred.

Is Lee Da Hee Married?

Currently, Lee Da isn’t married but has a special connection to Se7en.

She once dated Lee Dong-Wook, who played her co-star in the Drama Hotel King. They dated for approximately a year before splitting up.

Lee Da and Lee Dong-Wook had a very adorable relationship. They still have a nice friendship even though they are no longer together.

Lee Da, an actress, declared that she was dating Choi Dong-Wook, a.k.a. Se7en, in 2016. On a TV program, she revealed her romance with Choi Dong-Wook. 

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