Lena Kesting Kinder

Lena Kesting Kinder has become a trending topic as netizens are invested in knowing about the married life details of the sports reporter.

Lena Kesting is a sports reporter and presenter for ZDF, a German television network.

She is known for covering various sporting events, including the Olympics, and has expressed her passion for sports and her goals as a presenter in interviews.

Lena admits to having a particular fascination with speed disciplines, especially men’s and women’s downhill runs, despite Germany’s focus on technical disciplines.

She looks forward to thrilling competitions and snowy environments, believing good weather conditions can contribute to a fantastic World Cup.

Her passion for winter sports and television coverage of such events developed at a young age, as her family watched sports broadcasts during winter weekends.

Her family and close friends also play a significant role in providing honest opinions, which she appreciates.

While there are people she admires and looks up to, she believes it’s important not to imitate anyone directly.

Over time, Lena has become more comfortable with routine shows like the “ZDF-Morgenmagazin.”

However, Kesting still gets excited when there are exceptional events, such as the Olympics.

And now, with all the above-stated information about Kesting, people are still hungry to learn about her married life. Let’s dig into that.

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Lena Kesting Husband: Read About Her Married Life

Lena Kesting, someone with widespread enthusiasm for sports, has not disclosed her married life nor been spotted with a partner.

The journalist/moderator shares a lively life on her Instagram, boasting 18.7K followers; however, she has never mentioned any detail about her husband.

Besides the inquiry about her marital life, the name of Lana Kesting has also recently surfaced on the Internet as she recently shared her sports reporting experience.

Kesting, a ZDF presenter, shared her aspirations and interests in an interview where she mentioned one of her primary goals.

Lena Kesting Kinder
Lena Kesting has not disclosed her married life nor been spotted with a husband (Source: YouTube)

According to her, she utterly wanted to use the Olympic microphone while standing at the pool’s edge, which became a reality for her in Tokyo.

While she remains enthusiastic about various sporting events, she expresses a particular excitement for the Olympic Games, considering them the biggest.

Likewise, she also stated Roger Federer is someone she would enjoy interviewing, as retired athletes can still be seen as great heroes.

At ZDF, there is a tradition among directors and technical colleagues to wish each other a good show before going on air.

Lena acknowledges the support she receives from her colleagues at ZDF, who may not often appear on camera but are always available to offer helpful advice.

Although she doesn’t consider them formal mentors, she values their feedback.

More On Lena Kesting: Kinder (Children) And Family

As probably not being married and keeping her personal life under the radar, there is no information about Lena Kesting kinder (children).

The aspiring sports reporter has not shared any deets about her family. Kesting, born in 1994 in Viersen, studied sports journalism in Cologne from 2012 to 2016.

During her studies, she gained practical experience by working as a trainee and later as a student assistant in the sports department at ZDF from 2015 to 2017.

Lena Kesting Kinder
Lena Kesting has not given any details regarding having children (Source: XING)

In 2017, Lena embarked on a traineeship at Sat.1 NRW and subsequently worked as a presenter there in 2018 and 2019.

However, since 2019, she has returned to ZDF, serving as a TV and online editor in the sports department.

Additionally, Lena has worked as a reporter at Hessischer Rundfunk in their Kassel and Frankfurt studios.

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