Leo Varadkar Cheating Scandal

Leo Varadkar cheating scandal is not hidden from many people as he was caught cheating on his boyfriend, Matthew Barratt, in a club. With the spread of information on social media, many remains updated.

Leo Eric Varadkar is an Irish politician from a political Party, Fine Gael, who has been positioned as Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment since June 2020.

He previously performed as Taoiseach and Minister for Defence from 2017 to 2020, making much general public know about his work from standing in a prominent position in the country. 

While his professional whereabouts are on account by many people, his personal life is also sparked among media outlets. With this, his cheating scandal has surfaced throughout, and many people are willing to know about it!

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Leo Varadkar Cheating Scandal: What Did He Do?

Leo Varadkar is the center of media attention, and even the slightest news about him surfaced through media outlets as he holds a central position. The general public has known him for a long time.

Leo Varadkar caught cheating on his sweetheart clip has gone viral among the users in the night club
Leo Varadkar caught cheating on his sweetheart clip has gone viral among users in the nightclub (Source- Kossy Derric)

With his hype, he was caught in a cheating scandal with his boyfriend. Even though it relates to his personal life, many people are shocked to see this side.

He was seen in the club kissing a man who many believed was cheating on his boyfriend in order to get out of the relationship. The video surfaced on social media, showing her sharing a passionate kiss with a man while Queen Bey plays in the background.

However, many people have argued that it was his boyfriend, which many people are confused about as the bar had dim and flashy lights making the other one less recognizable.

Did Leo Varadkar Cheat On His Boyfriend, Matt Barrett?

Leo Varadkar has openly come out as gay since the initial phase and has been associated with his partner, Matthew Barrett, who is a doctor at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

The duo has not released any statement since the scandal was widely publicized. They may have settled the issue within, so nothing has yet been out.

With the scandal, there have been no separation rumors about them. They have been together for a long time and are often spotted together supporting each other, so the spread of the story must be some misconceptions.

He is on Instagram under the username @leovaradkar, with multi-thousand followers and prompt updates highlighting his professional and personal whereabouts.

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son of Indian immigrant likely to be Ireland’s next leader
son of an Indian immigrant likely to be Ireland’s next Leader (Source- CNN)

Leo Varadkar Net Worth; How Much Does The Politician Make?

According to Wion, Leo Varadkar makes around 234,447 dollars which is more than four and a half more than the average wage of Irish citizens with an estimated net worth of 1 to 5 million dollars.

Likewise, he has initiated several developmental works led by his superior positions and different time phase. As working with the government, his salary and incentives add up to his wealth.

Moreover, his works have won many people’s hearts, so with election basis posts, his win has surfaced numerous times making his work tenure well-achieved.

Besides his relation as a government team member, his other earning sources have yet to be revealed as it seems that his earnings sum with these only.

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