Leslie Jordan Partner Danny

Leslie Jordan partner: the Will & Grace star was in a loving relationship with Danny Thomason. However, they were not married. Besides, he dated a few other men.

The veteran Actor, comedian, writer, and singer Leslie Jordan tragically passed away on 24 October 2022.

The renowned personality – who was 67 then – reportedly suffered from some medical emergency while driving, causing his car to bump into the side of a building.

Did you know the late star was gay? Throughout his career in American Horror Story, the star had become a queer icon. While joking, he once said he fell out of his mom’s womb and landed in her high heels.

Despite his fame in Hollywood, many still wonder about his personal life, especially his love life. Did the legendary Actor have a partner? Were they married?

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Leslie Jordan Partner Danny Thomason – Where Is He Now?

Leslie Jordan was in a loving relationship with Danny Thomason. However, they were not married.

In an interview with Pride Source in February 2022, Jordan disclosed that he had a new man in his life who had been helping him overcome his difficulty accepting compliments.

However, we are not sure if the new man in the Actor life at that time was Danny Thomason or someone else.

Nonetheless, Leslie and his partner, whom he talked about in February 2022, were in a serious relationship. He further revealed that his partner always told him to compliment people whenever they complimented him.

He was working hard to own that habit. Although talking about his relationship with his boyfriend, Leslie never revealed further details about the man, including his name and pictures.

Leslie Jordan Partner Danny
Besides Danny Thomason, Leslie Jordan dated a few other men. (Source: Instagram)

Leslie Jordan’s Partner Proposed To Him Just After Being Together For Three Days

The Actor, who was openly gay for most of his life, continued to be private regarding his dating and relationship. However, he seems to have dated a few men.

In 2017, the Call Me Kat Actor talked about another romantic relationship. He was in love with a man who proposed to him within three days of dating.

According to Leslie, his then-partner was 20 years younger and had a fetish for silver-headed men. He revealed to Gay Times Magazine that they planned to get married. It appears as if they never got married.

The Actor also discussed how he used to date straight men. While elaborating on how his generation did that, the Will & Grace star said he was with one straight man for a decade.

Leslie Jordan Death

As mentioned above, the native of Tennessee passed suddenly on 24 October 2022 following a terrible vehicle accident.

Leslie Jordan Partner Danny
Leslie Jordan tragically passed away in an accident in October 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Around 9.30 am in Los Angeles, Leslie was driving his BMW when he reportedly experienced a medical emergency and struck a building, according to TMZ. He was declared dead on the spot.

On Leslie Jordan’s Instagram, a representative for the American Horror Story star invited everyone to share their memories and comfort one another at this difficult time.

The representative also announced that they would be giving a glimpse of projects that the late star was proud of and was looking forward to sharing with the world.

The late star’s Instagram following rose sharply, going from less than 100,000 to more than five million. Although Leslie Jordan’s time in this world was cut short, the love and light that he shared will never go out. Rest in peace, Legend!

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