Letter Bomb Man

Letter Bomb man arrested on Spain, people have been curious to learn more about the reason behind sending bombs message.

74 year old has been arrested as the suspect of sending bombs since November December 2022.

The bombs and messages were sent to high-profile personalities, including the country’s prime minister, Spain.

The issue was going severe at some point & was sent to a different location. As per the report, almost six bombs & a letter were sent to a different locations.

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The investigation was going on a serious note, and the suspect has finally been under Police custody; hopefully, the reason behind it will get in public soon.

Letter Bomb Man Arrested And Charges 

A 74-year-old man was suspected of being the sender of letter bombs in November and December to the Ukrainian and U.S. embassies and several institutions in Spain.

The man was a citizen of Spain, living in  Miranda del Ebro.

He was arrested after it was reported that investigators had been focusing on the Russian Imperial Movement; they believed a particular group had been doing so in Russian intelligence agencies.

Police stands outside of Ukrainian embassy after, Spanish police said, blast at embassy building injured one employee while handling a letter, in Madrid
Police stand outside the Ukrainian embassy after, Spanish Police said, a blast at the embassy building injured one team member while handling a letter in Madrid. (Image Source: Reuters)

The 74-year-old man sent six bombs, mostly all defused, but a person was injured at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid in November 2022.

Still, the investigation has been going on; the charges have not been disclosed in public yet; hopefully, after a specific time, court documents will decide the charges the older man will face.

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74-Year-Old On Suspicion Of Sending Bombs To High-Profile Targets

The investigator has confirmed that the suspect older man worked for the town hall at Vitoria-Gasteiz, the nearby Basque capital, but he is currently retired.

Further investigation is going on; Police believe that a single person does not do this, and groups have been involved. 

Audiences are curious to learn the reason behind it. Hopefully, more information will get to know after the main suspect talks further about the case.

The news is still fresh, and it might take some time for a conclusion; Russian Police arrested him on Wednesday.

Since then, people have raised many questions about it, he has been in a Russian prison for almost 24 hours now, and if he pleads guilty, he will spend more than 15 years in jail.

The charges and the arrest update will get public soon; he has gone against many rules of the country, which was unacceptable.

The authorities say the suspect is tech-savvy but have not ruled out whether he had accomplices
The authorities say the suspect is tech-savvy but have not ruled out whether he had accomplices. (Image Source: BBC)

Many videos and photos have been out of 74 years old man, but his identity has not been disclosed yet in public.

People have been curious to learn more about the older man; the public is eagerly waiting for the Police department to release more news about the case. 

Numerous media outlets have tried to contact the Police for information, but they have declined to discuss the incident.

Hopefully, more information will get to know soon; get updated with the news and share your thought about the case going on the Internet since Wednesday.

The reason behind the case and more members behind the issue will get under Russian Police soon. 

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