Jordan Zouhri,

Lago Lindo Death: The family man, Jordan Zouhri, was shot multiple times. Today we will talk about Jordan Zouhri’s latest suspicious death and Autopsy report. 

Jordan Zouhri was a 30-year-old victim of Edmonton’s latest suspicious death. Zouhri was a man of peace and was helpful nature. 

On Friday, Jordan went out of the House to meet his girlfriend. However, she survived the accident, and unfortunately, Zouhri didn’t. 

The victim’s family remains shocked to hear the news. They don’t know what actually happened to him and request the CC camera footage. 

Police forces are vigorously investigating the case, and his family is also seeking justice. The authorities are also asking for the nearby people’s involvement as they might give pertinent information about the case and further updates. 

Lago Lindo Death: Suspected Homicide Victim Jordan Zhour Death Details

The recent death news of Jordan Zhour has been buzzing on the internet. A Police report shows that Zhour, age 30, was shot to death, and his death is investigated as a homicide.

Zhour was reportedly found seriously injured by Police in the Lago Lindo neighborhood on February 3. At approximately 5:35 pm, Police answered the news of a weapons complaint in the Lago Lindo neighborhood.

Jordan Zouhri
Police are investigating the crime area. (Source: CTV News)

Upon their arrival, the man was located with severe injuries and later, he was identified as Jordan Zhour. 

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Jordan Zhour Autopsy Report Revealed

On Tuesday, February 7, an autopsy completed by the Edmonton Medical Examiner determined that Jordan Zhour had passed away from multiple gunshot wounds. The manner of death is homicide.

The death of Zhour is the city’s fourth homicide of the year. As the news of Zhour’s death has been on the internet, people are eager to know more about it.

However, police are still investigating this mysterious case, and further information will be provided soon. In the same way, Zhour’s family is seeking help, and they are also mourning the death of their beloved one.

Jordan Zhour Family Seeks Justice

The death of their beloved one devasts the family of Jordan Zhour. Jordan’s brother Mike said that he was a humble and camera-shy person. However, he was always ready to help others.

In the same way, he revealed that Jordan was the guy who would take out money from the bank and spend it on feeding homeless people.

Jordan was pretty close to his mother, Nadia Moretto. EPS said in a statement that Jordan was in his 20s, while his brother Mike said he was 30.

Likewise, Mike said that Jordan had been in a car with his girlfriend the same day of that incident, but luckily she survived. The family is not aware of what happened and is asking for help. The Edmonton Police Service is also investigating this case.

Jordan Zouhri
Jordan Zouhri with his mother, Nadia Moretto and brother Mike Zouhri.  (Source: CTV News)

They are asking people to give them details who have dashcam footage or residential CCTV tape of the location of 167 Ave between 97 st. and 82 st. or Lago Lindo Crescent on Feb. 3 around the time of 5:15 pm and 5:50 pm. 

In the same way, Jordan’s requested everyone to give them the dashcam footage, if one had, which would help them find the one who killed his brother. Mike also said that his brother was an electrician and an Oilers fan.

Together with his girlfriend, Jordan reportedly grew their own vegetables and obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. Now, the family is seeking justice. One can contact 780-423-4567 if they have any clue about this incident. 

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