Lil Mabu, the American rapper

Did the famous rapper Lil Mabu get expelled? These questions have been one of the most asked by his fans and followers. Let’s know about his education and career. 

Matthew Peter DeLuca, aka Lil Mabu, is a famous rapper based in New York. Further, the rapper gained fame after releasing his single ‘No Snitching’ in 2022.

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Lil made his career debut in 2019. Furthermore, Peter gained traction with the release of his song “Miss Me” in 2020. Similarly, DeLuca’s song “No Snitching,” a collaboration with Dusty Locane, was popular on TikTok’s video-sharing app.

In 2022 after the great success of his song No Stitching his debut mixtape, Double M’s, was released on June 30 of the same year. 

Additionally, he has worked with artists such as Ej Banks, Howiee OO, ZayBinSteppin, Kay Flock, Dougie B, DThang, DD Osama and more. 

Did Lil Mabu Get Expelled Or Graduate From College?

The famous rapper, Lil Mabu has recently graduated from Collegiate School, a private school in Manhattan. Well, multiple questions have been asked about his expel. 

As said earlier, the rapper has already graduated, but he seems to have been expelled multiple times in the past. Lil Mabu has posted multiple videos on his YouTube channel saying that he has been expelled due to his songs.

Lil Mabu Get Expelled
Lil Mabu shares his graduation picture on his Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

In some of his songs, Mabu also dissed his teachers, and it may have been the reason behind his expel. Furthermore, his songs are related to school; most of them have been captured in a classroom.

As of now, none of the media sources have given any details regarding Mabu getting expelled. However, many YouTube channels and TikTok users have shared the video about Mabu getting expelled after dissing his teachers.

In the same way, Mabu often posts images on his Instagram account, where he can be found under the username @lilmabu.

On June 10, he shared a photo of his graduation and captioned it, “THEY AIN’T WANT ME TO GRADUATE, BUT I MADE IT HAPPEN!!”

He also said three months ago, his parents conspired to have Mabu expelled because of his“rap” career—but his grades were amazing. 

Mabu also shared a video of his graduation ceremony, and his comment section was loaded with the fans’ compliments. 

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Details On Lil Mabu Education And Career

Lil Mabu has often remained in public fame regarding his education as the rapper has often faced criticism for the violent lyrical content of his music.

Lil has never talked about his studies details, including his grades and GPA. So, this is still to be updated about his education and career. 

Lil Mabu Education
Lil Mabu graduates with good grades. (Source: Instagram

H has been seen disrespecting his teachers and school guidelines, so his expelled news has been circulating over the media. 

Additionally, the rapper is mostly known for his unique sound that blends hip-hop and trap elements with carefree and upbeat energy. Many enjoy listening to his music. 

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Lil Mabu Net Worth Revealed 

The current net worth of the American rapper Lil Mabu is estimated to be $ 1 million. Mabu has gathered huge success and fame at such a young age as he is [calculate_years datestring=”04/04/2005″] years old this year. 

Mabu lives a lavish lifestyle and often shares pictures with his car. Lil flaunts his luxurious lifestyle on his Instagram handle. 

Lil Mabu net worth
Lil Mabu flaunts his lavish lifestyle with his followers. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Mabu loves partying and enjoying his life, so the young rapper often becomes a controversial topic for sharing photos with money and cars. 


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