Lil Snupe Girlfriend

People are trying to know about late rapper Lil Snupe’s girlfriend, Alexis Cherelle, as they might have been together before his death. 

Born in Jonesboro, Louisiana, on June 13, 1995, Darren Ross, also known as Lil Snupe, was an American rapper who passed away on June 20, 2013, at 18.

Sadly, he passed away just one week after turning 18. He was fatally shot following an altercation at a friend’s flat.

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He experienced many difficulties as a child later developed a passion for music, and began spending time in juvenile jail.

He may have begun rapping at some point in the past.

His musical career, however, began to take off in 2012 when he approached Meek Mill’s tour bus.

Lil Snupe Girlfriend Alexis Cherelle Before Death- Where Is She Now?

The budding rapper was killed in a fight with Alexis Cherelle was dating him.

After his death, Alexis Cherelle wrote an emotional message that others retweeted.

Their love was so intense that his girlfriend could not handle the hurt.

Alexis Cherelly seems to be married now, according to her Instagram. She has three children. 

Lil Snupe Girlfriend
Lil Snupe Girlfriend With Her Children (Source: Instagram)

Her partner is not to be found on her Instagram. However, she seems to be happy with her life. She has yet to post any pictures since November 2021. 

She looks happy on her social media, but there has been no trace of her for a year. Her boyfriend’s name is Dee Johnson, and she uploaded a video on her Twitter on Boyfriend Day. 

Lil Snupe Biography 

1995 saw the birth of Lil Snupe in Jonesboro, Louisiana. Snupe, whose real name is Addarren Ross, frequently got into problems as a youngster and references being detained as a juvenile in his music. 

Snupe may have started rapping at some point, but his career took off in 2012 when he went up to Meek Mill’s tour bus. 

Lil Snupe discussed that day with MTV news in 2013. Meek Mill was in a van when they were about to move away. I then went and tapped the van’s window. They opened the window and took the mixtape.

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Before the mixtape was even complete, 20 minutes later, Meek Mill called Lil Snupe and invited him to work for his record Company, Dream Chasers. Meek told MTV that he was spitting so much agony, and despite being from the south, he had an east coast-style flow.

Lil Snupe had acquired several nicknames in his short 18 years of existence. From songs like “The Freestyle King,” “Meek Mill’s Protege,” and “2Pac Reincarnated,” it is clear that he was highly regarded. 

Due to his lethal flow and southern drawl, which allowed his punchlines to be piercing, Snupe had peers twice his age looking up to him. 

In the two months following the release of Snupe’s lone mixtape R.n.i.c (Real Niggas In Charge), the rap industry as a whole thought that Snupe should assume the throne. Up until a tragic event changed the course of rap history.

Who Killed Rapper Lil Snupe? 

Just ten days after the alleged murder of rapper Lil Snupe, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

Holden was the initial suspect and turned himself on; he also had a felony report before the case.

According to the Police, he had previously been detained for forceful rape, second-degree kidnapping, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Lil Snupe Girlfriend
Lil Snupe Murderer Tony Holden (Source: Youtube)

Snupe was found shot in the chest twice in the same video game after Holden, and he got into a fight in a friend’s apartment.

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They spent the entire day playing video games together while they were in the apartment.

People were horrified to learn the cause of his death; he still had a long life to live and become known as a rapper.

Many texts were visible in public when the news was announced. One of the texts was from M.M.G. musician Meek Mill, who intended to include Lil’ Snupe on the label’s impending “Self Made Vol. 3” album.

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