Lil Snupe Killer

Who is Lil Snupe Killer? The ****** of Lil Snupe was a top topic back in 2013; he was killed on June 20, 2013. 

Lil Snupe was 18 when he was killed; before getting killed, he was known by many people as a rapper. 

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He started his career in music at a very early age, and he published four albums, R.N.I.C. Re-Visited, R.N.I.C. 2 Jonesboro, 16, and Runnin Resurrected, Rap Romantico.

Snupe was referred to as “Freestyle King” people used to love his way of rapping; he had a different style than any other rapper. 

But unfortunately, he did not get his whole life for his career, and he was killed. The murderer is already facing charges for killing him. 

Get to know more about the incident that happened in June 2013. What was the reason behind the killing of the Louisiana Rapper? 

Lil Snupe Killer: Louisiana Rapper Was Murdered By Tony Holden

The alleged killer of rapper Lil Snupe turned himself in and was booked into the local jail just after the ten days of investigation. 

Holden also had a criminal report before the case; he was the first suspect and turned himself on. 

The Tale of Lil Snupe was murderd on June 20, 2013 by Tony.
The Tale of Lil Snupe was murdered on June 20, 2013, by Tony Holden. (Source: STEREOVISION)

He was arrested before for forcible rape, second-degree kidnapping, and aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, Police reported.

Holden and Snupe got into a fight in a friend’s apartment for a video game, and he was found shot in the chest two times in the same sport.

They were in the apartment for a long time and spent the day playing video games together. 

People were shocked to discover the reason behind his *****; he had a whole life ahead of him to get to know people as a rapper. 

After the news was released, many texts were out in public. One of the texts was from M.M.G. artist Meek Mill who was planning to put Lil’ Snupe on the label’s upcoming “Self Made Vol. 3” album.

It was a horrible ******; how can someone get into a find and just decide to shoot him? 

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Arrest And Charges of Tony Holden 

Tony Holden turned himself into the authorities almost ten days after the ******. His official warrant was reduced on June 24, 2022. 

Lil’ Snupe’s Alleged Murderer, Tony Holden, Turns Himself In
Lil’ Snupe’s Alleged Murderer, Tony Holden, Turns Himself In. (Source: KSLA)

Then, Holden was booked into the Winnfield city jail and faced the charges of first-degree ******, armed robbery, and illegally possessing a firearm by a convicted felon. Born in 1986, Hiba is 36 years old as of 2022.

Holden will probably be facing 25 years of jail for killing the rapper. Before getting arrested, Police released three warrants for him during the investigation. 

First-degree ******, armed robbery, and illegally possessing a firearm by a convicted felon were the illegal work he did for the arrest warrant.

Also, Police mentioned that he was just released from jail after facing second-degree kidnapping and aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon charge. 

Although the murderer has been in jail, this is hard for his family to accept the fact that he was killed at the age of 18 only.

And it has almost been ten years since the ***** of Louisiana Rapper Lil Snupe. Snupe and his freestyle rap will always be missed.

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